What happens if I die when I am away from home?

What happens if I die when I am away from home

What happens if I die when I am away from home?

ARE you worried about what could happen if you die when you’re away from home?

Many people are concerned about passing away when they are abroad or not in their place of residence.

Having a Golden Leaves Plan means that this is something that neither you nor your family will have to worry about because when you choose your funeral plan, you can arrange for dual coverage in Spain and the UK at no extra charge.

If you live on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca or other area of Spain, you can contact Golden Leaves International to discuss the prepaid funeral plans which they have available and which suit all budgets, so that you can arrange to be covered no matter where you are when you pass away, as this will lessen the stress for your relatives at such a difficult time.

With their prepaid funeral plans, whatever your wishes are, they are guaranteed to be carried out for you.

Everything will be arranged for you in advance, whether you want to be buried or cremated in Spain or if you want your body to be returned to your country of origin.

The caring and efficient team at Golden Leaves have been highly praised by clients for the way in which they offer support to grieving families.

Pre-planning and pre-paying for a funeral at current prices ensures that your wishes will be respected and the funeral fees included in your plan will be paid no matter how much prices might have risen.

Most importantly, you can take comfort knowing that your family will not be forced to deal with the emotional and financial burden of organising and financing your funeral at a time when they are least able to cope.

Furthermore, if you have a global portability plan, even if you pass away while you are away from your country of residence your plan covers you wherever you are, even if you don’t want to be repatriated.

So in the event of your death in another country, your family will not have to worry about how things need to be handled, whether you can be buried on foreign soil or how to get your remains brought home, because all of these difficult procedures will be handled for them.

The value of the plan which you have chosen will be used to pay either all or part of the cost of a funeral service in the country where you pass away. This means that your relatives will not be faced with huge costs.

If you have chosen a plan which foresees repatriation, this will mean that all the necessary funeral arrangements are taken care of for your family, including the services of a funeral director, preparation and a coffin for internal travel, transport to and from the airport, preparation of all necessary documents for repatriation and funeral services, and expert advice from the team of caring professionals at Golden Leaves who will help your family through this difficult time.

For expatriates living overseas, having a prepaid funeral plan is extremely important, as it will save their family from having to deal with strict regulations, red tape and the language barrier as Golden Leaves guarantees 100 per cent of the costs of the arrangements specified in your Funeral Plan will be covered and your family will not have to deal with hidden extras when the time comes.

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