Heartbreak as Dr Zelenko loses four-year battle with rare form of cancer

Heartbreak as Dr Zelenko loses four-year battle with rare form of cancer

Heartbreak as Dr Zelenko loses four-year battle with rare form of cancer. Image: Twitter Zelenko Labs

TRIBUTES have flooded social media after the news that Dr Zelenko – who gained prominence during the height of the Covid pandemic – had lost his four-year battle with a rare form of cancer on Thursday, June 30.

Dr Zelenko – the creator of the “Zelenko Protocol” which earned him a Nobel Prize nomination – passed away after reports that his health had dramatically declined just hours earlier. He was 48.

Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko was a physician, scientist and activist for medical rights and “earned admiration from prominent leaders from around the world”, one person noted on Twitter.

He graduated from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine in 2000, was Board Certified in Family Medicine and was the medical director at Monsey Family Medical Centre.

Zelenko rose to prominence during Covid-19 after alternatives to the Covid vaccines were dismissed. He invented the “Zelenko Protocol” as a Covid-19 treatment, which is reported to have saved “millions of lives worldwide”.

An obituary for the popular doctor read: “Zev had a family medical practice in Monroe, New York in 2020 during the onset of what would become the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As a physician who masterfully combined the skills of both critical thinking and the scientific method, and who shaped their application out of his love for both God and patients, Zev was not content to sit back and wait for politicians or public health officials to settle upon a prescribed treatment path.

“People were dying. He began searching almost immediately for a method of treatment.”

It added: “Aided by initiative, good fortune, and from his account divine intervention, he discovered such a treatment in combining Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, azithromycin, and other various drugs, especially steroids, and creating what has come to be known as the “Zelenko protocol.”

“The key to the protocol was very early intervention to treat the virus inside the cellular level before it could break loose and develop into a full-blown respiratory disease.

“Up to the time of his death, Zev had overseen the treatment of approximately 7,500 patients using his protocol and experienced only three patient deaths.  The use of the Zelenko protocol has spread worldwide.”

In 2020, Dr Zelenko was banned from Twitter.

“Zev faced censorship and condemnation for his taking a bold stand against the prevailing orthodoxy,” the obituary continued.

“For whatever their motives, politicians and health officials worldwide attempted to either downplay or outright deny the efficacy of the Zelenko protocol and its simple, low-cost treatment path.

“Numerous studies were constructed to deliberately hide the effectiveness of using HCQ (later ivermectin) in conjunction with other drugs. 

“There were even steps taken by politicians like then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to forbid the use of HCQ in treating patients.”

It added: “Despite numerous studies over the past two years that have supported the effectiveness of his protocol, access to the treatment remains denied to significant portions of the population and is simply ignored by many physicians.

“Undeterred, Zev went in search of another method to treat patients that could circumvent government restrictions.

“HE discovered that the natural supplement Quercetin could serve the same function as did HCQ in assisting zinc to attack the still developing virus inside the cell.

“It was not as effective, but as Zev was fond of saying, “You don’t go to war with the army you wish you had.  You go to war with the army you’ve got.”

“His discovery of Quercetin, which he likened to being a .22 calibre compared to HCQ’s .50 calibre ultimately led to the development of his Z-Stack supplement,” it concluded.

Zelenko Labs paid tribute to its founder:

“It is with immense sorrow that we announce the passing of our founder Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko. Dr Zelenko was a physician, scientist, and activist for medical rights who touched the lives of millions of people.

“Some were saved as his role as a doctor, and even more were inspired by his words. His “Zelenko Protocol” saved millions and earned him a Nobel Prize nomination and the admiration of a U.S. President among other prominent world leaders.”


Senior Editor at @HumanEvents, Jack Posobiec, said on Twitter: “Dr Zelenko passed away today after a 4-year battle with a rare form of cancer, he was informed in 2018 that it was 100% terminal.

“He once stated, ‘I have been made ready to meet God. I fear nothing on this earth.’”

Ian Miles Cheong wrote: “He was a good man. RIP.”

Another person wrote: “Our friend and brother Zev Zelenko has moved on. RIP, Zev. You inspire us all.”

“Gutted to hear that Dr Zelenko has passed. May his protocol continue to save many lives,” another said.

One person wrote: “He did his best to save as many people as he could and he was vilified for it. 3 years ago I didn’t know who he was, and today I’m feeling incredibly emotional. We knew it was coming, but… Rest in peace Dr Zelenko – humanity thanks you.”

“Rest In Peace to a true hero, Dr. Zev Zelenko. The man was a hero and saved millions and millions of lives. May he forever be remembered for his huge legacy,” Lavern Spicer said.

Jenna Ellis wrote: “I mourn the loss of a dear friend. Dr. Zelenko personally helped thousands of covid patients and championed medical freedom. I told him once I believe God kept the cancer at bay because he was needed in this fight. He finished his race well and faithfully.”

“Amanda & I are devastated at the passing of our dear friend Dr. Zev Zelenko. That he will never hold his Goddaughter- Zev Tempest- is a fact soothed only by the comfort I have in knowing a daily reminder of this hero exists at home. I love you, Zev. I will keep my promise to you,” wrote Jason “Storm” Nelson.

“Dr. Zelenko, a physician, scientist, & activist for medical rights has passed away after a battle with cancer. The “Zelenko Protocol” earned him a Nobel Prize nomination and admiration from prominent leaders from around the world. He will be missed by many. May he Rest In Peace.”

The death of Dr Zelenko, a regular on ‘alternative media’ podcasts after being shunned from the mainstream due to his ‘radical’ Covid treatment, comes months after two popular ‘conspiracy’ podcasters passed away.

On January 3, alternative media icon and radio show host Kev Baker died at the age of 45 following a long battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Described as one of the greats in the realm of the ‘alternative media’, Baker had previously suffered a heart attack in 2017 as a result of COPD.

American Unplugged host, Billy Ray Valentine, described Baker as “the best in the game” in a fitting tribute.

Valentine wrote at the time: “To my friend Kev Baker, we are going to miss you. Rest easy to the best in the game.”

Then on Wednesday, March 23, author and ‘alternative media’ mainstay Jordan Maxwell passed away at the age of 82.

Maxwell, who was considered ‘the Godfather of conspiracy research’, specialised in occult, religion and symbology research.

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    • Seymour Brighton

      01 July 2022 • 00:53

      In other words, a superstitious snake-oil salesman and witch-doctor who caused untold further death and suffering during a pandemic instead of promoting scientifically-based medicine. Thinks he’s going to meet an invisible best friend in the sky. Good riddance. Surely this highly esteemed website can’t be uncritically promoting a hack fraud!

      • Lynn Curtiss Gibson

        02 July 2022 • 01:14

        Evil evil statement 🤮

      • Lake of Blue

        02 July 2022 • 04:07

        Come again? Who are the hack frauds? Maybe you need to rethink and take back your unempathetic, inhumane comments. They have no place here. He was a man who cared a lot about others, and risked his life for it…unlike what your comments are illustrating of you. He had dignity and did good toward other human beings. Repent and begin to follow your Creator!

      • JD

        03 July 2022 • 01:09

        I think you have a hard time with reading comprehension. He had three deaths out of treating over 7500 patients and was awarded the Nobel Prize for his protocol. You don’t get that from killing people. What scientific based medicine are you referring to? The protocol that Fraudci and the cdc recommended that killed countless people in the hospitals and are still doing today? You’re a moron.

    • Bruce Charles

      01 July 2022 • 01:25

      Great man and an inspiration. He faced his own diagnosis with incredible lucidity.
      We took his protocol and have weathered the storm as a result. He will be missed!

    • CameraChick

      01 July 2022 • 05:34

      Dr Zev Zelenko deserved more praise and more gratitude than he received. Thank you, good man, for helping us all.

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