Big Eyes Coin is geared up to be a game changer in 2022 when compared to Tezos and Tron

Big Eyes Coin is geared up to be a game changer in 2022 when compared to Tezos and Tron

Blockchain innovation has turned into a new period of progression in technology in this present reality. Having arrived in various areas of the economy all over the planet, there is no off-base to be said about its progression and predominance in different monetary areas. With its dependable, secure platform, which caters to its community and the sea before anything else, the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will overwhelm Tezos (XTZ) and Tron (TRX) in furnishing clients with the best form of services in the crypto space.


Tezos (XTZ) is designed for transactions

The Tezos platform was designed and launched in 2014 to have a blockchain that amends itself. It is an open-source blockchain-infused protocol that runs digital assets and applications, with community members serving as the builders and validators of transactional activities on the system. The utility token, Tezos (XTZ), had a great amount of attention during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), with earnings at the time being 232 million USD. Community members who possess the Tezos (XTZ) tokens can participate in the platform’s governance in updated areas, amended rules, and so on.

A truly democratic system for a functioning network. With a process called baking, Tezos (XTZ) tokens were locked for a specified period for the proper functioning of the system. During this time, rewards in Tezos (XTZ) tokens were being calculated to be given to users, but due to how its mechanism was developed, rewards do not get distributed on time, making it not time efficient.

Tron (TRX) is still hung up on being a centralised Token

With its launch in 2017, Tron has become a better version of the web base. Using blockchain technology, Tron can navigate the web space with features such as Decentralised Applications (dApps), executing transaction mechanisms, and control and documenting mechanisms for events on the system. The utility token, Tron (TRX), was built using the Ethereum blockchain technology as a part of its working dynamics, making the Tron platform a very versatile platform. But this comes with very high charges on transactions due to Ethereum.

By buying BitTorrent in 2018, Tron (TRX) has made a great leap in its token prices on the market. Community members are given the right to vote on matters concerning the platform, with Tron (TRX) serving as the certificate for this. There is a power given to these community members holding Tron (TRX) in their wallets to validate ongoing transactions on its system. Although versatile, Tron (TRX) still comes with its centralisation issues, which hinders its progress in adoption.

What will Big Eyes Coin (BIG) feature?

Big Eyes is a platform that focuses on its community’s building and continuous growth. It is a decentralised platform that brings the best of riches into the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world and ecosystem. This proves to be better than Tron (TRX), which has centralized authority over how it functions. The token used on the Big Eyes platform is known as the Big Eyes (BIG) token, which was built to satisfy community members and charitable services. A reward system is set up on the Big Eyes platform to give community members incentives in its token Big Eyes (BIG). This reward serves as compensation for the community members for their roles in making the platform prosper. These rewards are delivered on time with no charges, unlike with the Tezos (XTZ) tokens. In its charity events, the Big Eyes (BIG) token is the token that helps in bringing the ocean back to its original and rightful state of cleanliness so that the cats of the world can have the best quality fish to eat.

The Big Eyes NFT event marks the turning point of the platform and tokens’ popularity when it comes live. When the NFTs transacted on the Big Eyes NFT marketplace, it showed potential to take the platform to the top spots on the market. The Big Eyes (BIG) token will follow suit in this progress.


With a high life expectancy in the world, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to give users the best while advancing and growing them on its platform. Tezos (XTZ) and Tron (TRX) also do their parts in transactions, but their features seem to be a little less than Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

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