16:35 (October 31) – American and British intelligence are reporting the arrival of untrained Russian soldiers without weapons.

The story reported by both British newspapers and the Washington Post on Monday, October 31 suggests that replacement troops arriving in Ukraine from Russia, have had little or no training.

Furthermore, the reports suggest that many of those who are arriving either have not been provided with weapons or have been given guns that are outdated and are in poor working condition. 

To make matters worse the weapons they are said to have been given use different ammunition to those in use by the army units already in Ukraine. 

British intelligence officials tweeted: “The integration of reservists with contract soldiers and combat veterans in Ukraine will mean Russian logisticians will have to push two types of small arms ammunition to front line positions, rather than one.

“This will likely further complicate Russia’s already strained logistics systems.”

The confirmation of earlier reports comes on the same day that analysts have said Russia, who is losing on the ground, has changed its approach resorting to long range weapons and the targeting of Ukrainian infrastructure. 

That has left much of the country without power and many parts without water, in what is widely accepted as crimes against humanity. 

20:07 (October 15) – Analysts have been saying that Russian weapons and ammunition shortages are becoming more apparent with the length of the war beginning to take its toll.