The winners of the motoring market in 2022

Japanese car brand Toyota had an excellent year, topping a global list for profitability

THE last year has been transformative for the motoring market, which has seen the return to a new normal after the pandemic and the transition to electric vehicles accelerate like never before. 2022 was indeed a great year for many car manufacturers, whose most significant issue was supply issues.

Today we take a look at the companies who brought in the most profit this year.

  1. Toyota

The Japanese manufacturing giant leads the list thanks to earnings of €25.7 billion and a major boost in its share value, taking it to the second position in global rankings.

  1. Volkswagen

The German motoring brand took second place in the rankings with earnings of €22.1 billion, an improvement of more than €2 billion compared with last year. The company also has the largest number of employees worldwide.

  1. BMW

Third on the list is another German manufacturer, with projected earnings of €23.5 billion, a significant improvement of more than €5 billion on pandemic-struck 2021.

  1. Mercedes-Benz

German car manufacturers dominated the top five this year with another company in fourth place. Mercedes-Benz actually took a tumble in earnings since last year with profit falling to €19.5 billion.

  1. Ford

The American manufacturer made the top five, despite a fall in earnings from 2021 to make a total profit of €13.3 billion.