Action group calls for more controls on scooter users and cyclists in Palma city centre

A residents’ action group is calling on Mallorca’s local government to introduce tougher regulations on scooters and bikes in Palma city centre. Photo credit: Patinetes y Bicis a Raya (via Facebook)

A GROUP of protestors are calling on the local government in Palma to introduce stricter controls on bikes and scooters in the city centre. The action group held a protest in front of Palma City Hall with signs asking City Mayor José Hila to change legislation.

The action group, entitled ‘Patinetes y Bicis a Raya’ held a protest outside the city hall last week in which they demanded new regulations on scooter and bike riding in Palma, saying that too many people are using them in an irresponsible manner.

The group would like to see signs around Palma in popular places such as the Plaça de Espanya, asking scooter users and cyclists to dismount. Activists say their petition which was launched 2 weeks ago had received more than 400 signatures by Monday, February 13.

The group is made up of activists including Maria Fuster, a local resident who was knocked over and seriously injured by a scooter rider in November 2022.

The action group has a Facebook page where their latest campaigns are available to view: