Ukrainians spend night on rooftops to avoid water from destroyed dam

These scenes force Ukrainians onto rooftops overnight

Ukrainians spend night on rooftops to avoid water from destroyed dam Credit: Oleksandra Zubal/ Twitter

Ukrainians have been sleeping on rooftops and sitting in trees as they awaited rescue last night, June 6, as many homes are destroyed after the dam breach caused many miles of flooding. 

The cause of the dam breach in Nova Kakhovka, which happened in the early hours of Tuesday, June 6, is still unclear but was is clear is the continued devastation caused to civilians in war-torn Ukraine.

Thousands have already been evacuated while Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for the breach. It is a complicated situation in which the Russian (USSR) built dam in the Russian Occupied area of Nova Kakhovka was damaged.

The Ukrainians say that Russia are to blame as they attempt to frustrate Ukraine’s counter-offensive efforts and Russia says that the Ukrainians did it to deprive the area and its occupying Russian forces of water.

As the Russian-occupied area on the Crimean Peninsular loses its water supply the Ukrainian government say that the ecological damage is likely to be long-term.

Captive animals have also been killed as the floods wipe out a zoo. Defense of Ukraine posted these images on Twitter saying:

“300 animals died today in the Nova Kakhovka zoo due to Russia’s destruction of the Kakhovka HPP dam. This is ecocide. The Russians want to destroy anything that is alive.”

The awful scenes have not only devastated humans but their pets too. Hakan Kapucu has posted this video on Twitter, of a pet dog being rescued, saying: “A dam exploded in Ukraine. Brave Ukrainian people rescue animals even in such dire times. Their kindness & bravery will make this world a beautiful place.”

Hassan Mafi posted this video on Twitter in which you can see the magnitude of the floods. He also expresses an alternative view from much of the Western mainstream media saying: “The Ukrainians blew up the Nova Khakovka Dam in the Kherson region. This is what terrorists do. Ukraine is a terrorist state.”

Although not an opinion we are used to hearing, it is one also shared by Tucker Carlson, who since being ousted by Fox News has begun a new show of his own on Twitter aptly named Tucker On Twitter.

Sprinter quoted from Tucker on Twitter’s first episode in this post: “Tucker Carlson: The destruction of Kakhovka is a terrorist act for which Ukraine is responsible. If the destruction of the Kahovka dam was intentional, it is not a matter of military tactics but of a terrorist act carried out by Ukraine.”

Sprinter goes on to say:  “In the first episode of his show, which began to be broadcast on Twitter, the well-known presenter reminds us that it is about a dam built and operated by the Russians. In addition, it is located in the territory controlled by Moscow and supplies water to Crimea “which has been the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet for the last 240 years”.

We hope to bring you more clarity on the situation in Ukraine as we have it.

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