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Why is everything so expensive?

Why is everything so expensive these days? I saw a book the other day called ‘How to find happiness without money’- it cost €20! I have grey hair and was advised to use a special shampoo. I looked it up on line and it was £30 a bottle. Are they mad? My first mortgage was less than that a month and I struggled to pay that!  Of course you don’t have to pay that much. You can go down the supermarket and get a bottle for a couple of euros but I think there is just a big keg somewhere and they use the same stuff for shampoo, body wash, dishwashing, carpet cleaning, car wash and flea shampoo for dogs!

I was in the airport the other day and had a cheese and tomato baguette which is just a poncey name for a big roll.  It was £6.50! I’ve seen more cheese on a mouse trap and the slice of tomato looked like it had been shaved off and was cleverly hanging out the side to make it look full. £3 for a bottle of water! It’s just a liberty. But it’s a captive audience so we pay it. I remember years ago I was in Dallas and wanted to go out for a steak so I asked the concierge where a good place to go was.  “Do you want a $50 steak or a $100 steak?” he asked. “What’s the difference?” I enquired.  “$50”, he said, “the steak’s the same but one place has carpet on the floor the other sawdust”. We went with the sawdust! Get my point?

It’s the same here in Spain. I went to a restaurant with some mates and was told it was nouveau cuisine. Not having a clue what that meant at the time, as this was a few years ago, I ordered something with prawns as a starter and up came a lettuce leaf with a prawn on it. I sort of treated it a bit like testing the wine. By the time the waiter had served the other three people I looked up and said, “Very nice, I’ll have a whole portion please”.  “That was a whole portion sir”. “Err, no I don’t think so and definitely not at €25 a pop”. Needless to say to say it went downhill from there. The bill came, it was a few hundred euros and I was starving. I told them, in no uncertain terms what I thought of them, and told them there was no way their place would last.  Sure enough three months later it was gone and now is a very successful ‘eat as much as you can’ wok place. Banged out every night!

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