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FASHION is a strange creature and understandably with so many designers launching new collections every three months, it is incredibly difficult to come up with something new.

On the odd occasion that there is a radically new trend, no matter how bizarre it may be, fashion writers praise it and other designers jump on the band wagon.

The latest craze is for women to wear their pants either under sheer skirts so they can be seen or without any covering on their lower limbs.

In the early 1900s, £1 was referred to as a ‘knicker’ but these ones cost a hell of a lot more and our readers passed their generally negative verdict on the trend;

Yess – Boxers n vest.

Lois G Clark

Well considering my knickers go down to my knees and my top goes up to my ears….yes!

Emma Monks

Reminds me when we used to wear minis

Hazel Moorman

Bloomers !!

Lynda Woodin

Why should this fashion be limited to ladies? Men can wear the dresses or even see through pants so let’s see them parade round in small briefs which draw our attention to their ‘assets’. I’m sure they’d love dressing like that.

Sheree Ruiz

The Geordie lasses do cause they are tough.

Steve Mcgann

Heck noooo!

Mapuchi Moda

By the length of some dresses, you see the wearer has already forgotten to put on their pants and you can see their underwear, glittery or not if you are not careful. But you’d also have to ask what’s the difference between a bikini and a see-through beach over and the see-through dresses.?

Sheree Ruiz

Sheree Ruiz Maybe the weather?

Susan Spelman

I’d scare the horses and frighten the children!!

Susan Lea

Thought many females already did this

Helen Burn

Not on your life!!!

Carol Hurst

Too draughty 😃

Shirley Morris

No change there then. No class whatsoever!

Tricia Harrington

What in my baggy grey full size M&S knickers? I think not!!

Eivissa Lyn

I would not subject the public to that!

Heath Savage

To cold

Julie Hitchin

Is that a serious question?

Julia Margaret Clarke

Sophia Loren always said “Leave a lot to imagination “.Don’t think she would class the knickers as such.

Tim McMahon

The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome perhaps..?? !!

Sandra Harbut

Don’t think it will catch on but who knows some of the hot pants were very brief back in the day. I never liked hotpants just very short minis for me but other girls looked great. And remember Kylie’s little gold ones?

Leah Kerr

Leah Kerr Hotpants were proper dress not knickers. Trousers suits were stylish too.

Tim McMahon


Jaqui Silcox

Sadder than sad how gullible some people are!

Albertto Michael



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