What on earth are they thinking?

OPEN BORDERS: Report says number of immmigrants may well be limitless

A recent report states that over the next 12 months, Europe can expect some two million immigrants to cross over from the Middle East.

Other reports have revealed that random searching has shown that a number of these people have been carrying ISIS and Jihadist propaganda (including pictures of beheadings). It would therefore be utterly naïve to deny that a percentage of these people may well be extremist or even terrorists. So let’s just have a look at these figures. If one in every 500 (a number I consider somewhat optimistic) were terrorist affiliated, that would mean that over the next few months, some 4,000 more potential killers will be let loose into Western society.

I think it is also safe to assume that an even larger number have, or will soon have criminal intent, say one in every 200. This would result in a further 10,000 criminals for our beleaguered law enforcers to deal with. It gets even worse. Other sources state that two million is a complete underestimation of what the actual figure could become. One says that the number of immigrants may well be limitless, consequently over the next few years, millions of ‘refugees’ could arrive on the shores of Europe. To my mind there is no doubt that, unless drastic action is taken to rethink and reorganise our ‘open borders’ policy, we can say goodbye to Europe as we know it.

What on earth are our so called leaders actually thinking about? What sort of bubble do they all live in?

Do they not realise that if things continue as they are there will be bloodshed all across our hard won peaceful lands? When ordinary citizens realise that their elected representatives are doing nothing to stop them losing all they love and cherish, they will have no choice but to take matters into their own hands. It will only take a couple of attacks perpetrated by these so called refugees to ignite another war of the same ilk as the Crusades. Only this time it will be in our own back gardens. Is nobody listening out there?

Keep the faith Love Leapy [email protected]

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    • graham

      05 November 2015 • 13:47

      well said. please send a copy to the government !

    • Roy Peters

      05 November 2015 • 14:10

      You won’t find any politicians listening Leapy. They have been deaf to the needs of the people for years.
      We are without doubt seeing the beginning of the end of Europe as a collection of Christian nations, for no-one has the will or the foresight to stop this before it gets out of hand.
      When Angela Merkel opened her big mouth a couple of months ago she opened up the doors to Europe in the same way that Tony Blair opened up the gates to Britain so many years ago. Once they are open its almost impossible to close them again.

    • Mike

      05 November 2015 • 22:00

      Clueless clowns is what they are and sadly it appears that most of the politicians in EU countries including the UK are fairly much all the same, immigrants related or otherwise none of them seem to have the first idea on fairly much anything except getting themselves a good pension and lining their pockets along the way.

    • Ian Terry

      05 November 2015 • 21:09

      Well Leapy, perhaps you will now understand why a branch of an organisation of ex military personnel had the common sense totake the initiative and decided not to allow young people to be exposed to what is a real and present danger..

    • DS

      09 November 2015 • 21:06

      there really has to be some agenda going on here that we the mug voters are not privy to.there is no other way to explain the mind boggling perversity of the elected and unelected leaders in Europe.
      there will be mass civil unrest leading to cicil war,is this what the plan is,and why ?


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