Residents denounce accumulating rubbish in Manilva on the Costa del Sol

Rubbish on the streets of Manilva

Residents in Manilva are demanding the Town Hall tackle the declining state of their neighbourhood. The municipality that lies on the border between Cádiz and the Costa del Sol is seeing a rapid deterioration of its public spaces.

A concerned resident got in contact with Euro Weekly News in a bid to spread awareness. Nico from Manilva called Euro Weekly in the hope the situation garners attention, forcing the Town Hall to take action.

Areas of accumulating rubbish

Nico denounced the rubbish that has been accumulating in certain places of Manilva, such as Duquesa de Arcos street and the Sunday Market area. When asked how long the situation has been going on, Nico said: “Oh! For years! At least two or three years that nothing has been done.”

He assured residents are disgusted by the state of disrepair some areas have fallen into. “It’s full of rubbish. There are rats the size of rabbits. Our taxes have been increasing and increasing and nothing is being done.”

The Sunday Market is one of the main areas being affected by the rubbish and debris, with many visitors and stall owners in despair about the waste.

Nico was adamant that local government hadn’t done anything to answer people’s complaints. Residents allege mayor Mario Jiménez hasn’t done anything to tackle the issues. The candidate of Compromiso Manilva has been under attack for his supposed inaction.

Neighbours assure the situation is getting worse

Nico said about the local government: “They spent half a million euros to repair a section of pavement and they’ve left it in worse condition than before!”

Euro Weekly News has contacted the Town Hall for a comment and is awaiting their reply.