Can he hold many proxies?


Question - EWN Can a person hold more than one proxy vote? Can one owner hold many proxies and so represent many owners who cannot attend the Annual General Meeting?  Can absent owners name the president of the community to be their proxy holder? How many proxies can the president hold?

C H (Costa Blanca)

Answer - EWNYes, one person can hold and vote more than one proxy vote.  Yes, the president can hold and vote proxies. There is no limit set in law as to how many proxies one person can hold. And, yes, this system is open to abuse when one person, or even the president, gathers many proxy votes and runs the community to suit himself.

Any single member who feels his personal interests have been harmed can go to court to protest the results of the AGM. In real life, a president who controls many proxies is far more likely to act as a benevolent dictator to run the community efficiently. And that is why members continue to support him.

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