5-month-old baby, the 2nd case of Coronavirus identified in Spain’s Murcia

The first case of Coronavirus in the Murcian region of Spain has been identified as a young 27-year-old woman from Murcia who travelled to Madrid over a week ago.

 The Ministry of Health has informed this Sunday, of a second confirmed Coronavirus case in the province of Murcia. The victim is a 5-month-old baby who had also recently travelled to Madrid with its parents.  

 According to ministry reports the baby has been admitted to the Arrixaca hospital along with its parents, who will also undergo the necessary tests tonight.

The first case, a 27-year-old woman from Murcia, had travelled to Madrid over a week ago, making Murcia’s first case, an imported contagion. The young lady called emergency services, 112, yesterday morning to communicate her symptoms and was advised to stay home and alert medical services.

 This Sunday, the Ministry of health has confirmed a total of 589 cases within Spain, although the departments quickly report more cases, elevating this number by 200. This is the amount of cases reported by each autonomous community.


–       Andalucía: 35 cases.

–       Aragón: 13 cases.

–       Asturias: 7 cases.

–       Baleares: 8 cases.

–       Canarias: 17 cases.

–       Cantabria: 12 cases.

–       Castilla La-Mancha: 15 cases.

–       Castilla y León: 22 cases.

–       Cataluña: 49 cases.

–       Comunidad Valenciana: 37 cases.

–       Extremadura: 6 cases.

–       Galicia: 5 cases.

–       Madrid: 202 cases.

–       Murcia: 1 cases.

–       Navarra: 3 cases.

–       País Vasco: 102 cases.

–       La Rioja: 55 cases.