Charity begins at home 

Pedro of Inserta Andalucia on line with “the board” whilst house hunting

This week I’ve been to see a possible apartment for our first Málaga orphans who will be turning 18 and finding themselves homeless.
We are looking for “virtual adoptions” for the first 5 children to be otherw
ise living on the street by the end of July.  Can you help? 

Marbella already is home to many people who join together to make our own little families, so welcoming these orphans here, makes sense. It also makes sense to seize the moment and get our local businesses and charities involved with our own local teens, also often abandoned and left to their own devices, perhaps just for lack of other options? 

 We also have a very active charitable community on the coast so between us we can not only help these children find their way but also cover the continuous need for volunteer support. We just need to set up a system. 

Joining forces with Inserta Andalucia is curiously the missing link to make it all happen. Since 2008 this NGO has cared not just for the plight of the orphans but also for more than 7,000 minors at risk. However, statistics show there are more than 250,000 minors needing help just in Andalusia.    

Inserta Andalucía works to break these statistics so that no child grows up in an unsafe climate and so that they receive quality education under equal conditions. In addition, they ensure that these young people have training opportunities to ensure a decent future where all dreams are fulfilled.  

They help newly emancipated boys, girls, adolescents, and their families. Boys and girls in family centres with few resources; supervised boys and girls; families with lack of resources; youth without resources in the process of emancipation; boys and girls and adolescent victims of discrimination in and out of classrooms and bullying.  

Encouraging youth to volunteer with charity and social activities is also a large part of their work, which can generate great positive changes in minors and adolescents, and promotes the community inclusion of all youth to support them in their process of transition to adult life.  

This commitment with the most disadvantaged children and youth and their families makes them the perfect allies to achieve our “self-sufficient circular support system with an existing infrastructure that helps us move quickly.  

Family and community is the best way to ensure a safe environment. For those who don’t have the ideal family, we can embrace them within our community and offer them every opportunity.  For those who do have everything they need, this is also a great way to help others around you and have them close enough to feel the benefit.  They do say that charity beings at home…. 

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