Glass half empty or half full

I’m often asked if I’m a glass half full or half empty person. My answer is always half full because even though I’m grumpy I have a positive, can’t be beat attitude. I’ve always treated life as a sequence of games and I try and win as many as I can. But at the moment, if someone was to ask me, I’d have to say I don’t know because someone’s nicked my friggin’ glass and left me with a plastic cup with a hole in it and it doesn’t matter how much I pour into it, it keeps emptying. But I’m not giving up–I’ll just keep pouring but very soon even I will have to give up and find another vessel to drink from. Wow, that was profound!

But I hope you understand what I mean. It is a struggle at the moment. Accents need to be banned! Not in real life of course but definitely on the TV and, of course, not if the person comes from the same country as the accent. Those that need to be banned are eastern European baddies. The ones that add nothing to the enjoyment of the show and cause me to keep asking Mrs S what someone said. I watched a TV series the other day and wondered why can’t they just speak normally? Plus, in these woke times surely there must be a group that says if the part is an Eastern European villain then they have to get a real one to play the part.

Donald Trump predicted on Wednesday at least 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine could be distributed by the end of 2020, contradicting a top government health official Trump dismissed as confused. Earlier, Robert Redfield, director of the federal Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, said a COVID-19 vaccine could be broadly rolled out by the middle of next year or a little later. “No I think he made a mistake when he said that,”Trump said.“That’s incorrect information. I believe he was confused. I think he just misunderstood the question, probably. ”Really? Bumbling idiot. You honestly want people to believe you as opposed to the guy that heads up the CDC? Trump is unreal and for those that have a go at me for calling him out at least 50% of voters in USA think the same…sort of glass half full.

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