The social dilemma

The social dilemma. Four of us went out Friday for dinner in a proper fish and chip shop that obviously specialise in fish and, of course, chips. We were not there late -7.30ish and we ordered. Now the clue is in the name-fish and chips. The fish was fine but for some reason they decided to serve up not very hot and scrappy chips. We obviously got the end of the last lot and the next lot of punters got the fresh chips. What I don’t understand is why? There has to be a bit of wastage. Don’t serve up the last crumbs and bits. Chuck them and keep the quality high. You can only do it once because I’m not going back anymore.

Now I know I’m getting old but the other thing that got on my nerves, and a few others in there too, was at one table was a couple. They were not kids and decided to spend the entire time between eating and drinking and waiting for the bill to what can only be described as eating each other’s face. I don’t mind people showing a bit of affection but this was right over the top. Being the quiet unassuming person I am said, ‘Oi mate, get a room.’ This was greeted by a few laughs and nods of approval from the other patrons but totally ignored by the culprits who didn’t understand English. Oh well it was great to see our friends that we hadn’t seen for a while.

Is it only me that looks at the kettle, shakes it and thinks hmm yeah, I’ll get two cups out of that but then doesn’t?

I’m thinking of coming off all social media after watching the documentary The Social Dilemma. It is the scariest horror film I’ve ever seen and it’s not fiction. Find it and watch it and then tell me it’s not terrifying.I’m considering going back to just having my ‘phone as a means of talking directly to people and not sending jokes but actually going back to telling them. When was the last time someone told you a joke? Facebook is nonsense. Twitter is OK as long as you don’t believe it all and all the others I can easily do without. What is so scary about this documentary is that it’s narrated by ex CEOs of all the big social media companies.

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Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.