Grumpy old man calls it ‘absolute lunacy’

I nearly didn’t do a column this week and in fact, I’m finding them harder and harder to do. Not because I’m not grumpy, because I am, but I seem to be grumpy about the same things all the time. Things like trying to pay cash into the bank or trying to use the voucher that the supermarket sent you but you are one day early or one day late.

Spanish law where you can’t get rid of a useless-community gardener that is a lunatic with a chainsaw that just hacks at everything and the company that he works for is just as bad. So you terminate their contract only to find out that the new company has to employ the same gardener as the old one didn’t have a garden for him to mutilate. So, are you ready for this, he takes the new company to court and wins!!!

Absolute lunacy.

But what really is getting at me at the moment are ‘experts’. Not experts with degrees and PhDs who work out of laboratories and secret bunkers with direct data but the ones sitting in their armchairs and know everything about everything. l don’t mean the ones that have a slightly different point of view.

I’m talking about the ones that explain why we are all mugs and this is the truth. And how do they know that? Well because they read or watch something different to what I read or watched and decided that what they read is right and that’s it. They’re actually very condescending. It looks like I’ve lost my bet that Trump would last 4 years.

My loss but Cudeca’s gain. I’ve lost a few bets in my time but this one just astounds me because never in my lifetime have I seen and heard directly from people involved with him say what apiece of work he is. Anyone want a bet if he will do another 4 years? Hopefully, it will be in prison. Lock him up!!

If you want to have a real laugh, even though it’s not intentionally funny, fill in the Gov UK new skills questionnaire to see what your new career could be. My favourite for me was a shelf stacker but I will have to explain to my new employer that I can only do the bottom shelves as I am in a wheelchair most of the time.

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Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.