Single Pill Home Cure Breakthrough Treatment For Covid Being Tested By Pfizer

Scientists work toward an elusive dream: a simple pill to treat Covid-19

Scientists work toward an elusive dream: a simple pill to treat Covid-19

Single Pill Home Cure Breakthrough Treatment For Covid Being Tested By Pfizer.

Trials of the first pill specifically designed to stop SARS-CoV-2 are currently underway at Pfizer buildings in the United States and the European manufacturers base in Belgium.

If the trial runs successfully, it is just may be possible that a home cure for Covid-19 will become available later this year. UK Prime Minister Prime Minister, who announced the formation of a UK Antivirals Taskforce last week specifically to invest in such products, will no doubt be interested to learn of early updates.

According to the company, the findings suggest a potential for use in the treatment of Covid-19 as well as potential use to address future threats.

Pfizer, which brought the first U.S.-approved Covid-19 vaccine to market, is conducting the stage one clinical trial on an oral antiviral therapy that a Covid-19 patient could take when they first develop symptoms, which would make it the first oral antiviral treatment of its kind in the world for coronavirus.

“Together, the two [oral and intravenous antivirals] have the potential to create an end-to-end treatment paradigm that complements vaccination,” Pfizer chief scientific officer Mikael Dolsten said.

It is understood that the anti-viral pill was developed from scratch during the current pandemic, Dafydd Owen, the director of medicinal chemistry at Pfizer, told a private symposium of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry last month.

The first seven milligrams of the compound – no more than a raindrop – were made in late July. By late October, they had made 100 grams of the drug. Just two weeks later, they had more than a kilogram in the bag- it took a total of 210 researchers to do it, said Owen.

Those who have signed up for the trial are in for an intensive few months. The trial is split into three phases and will run for 145 days, with another 28 days added for “screening and dosing”. For all participants, there will be several overnight stays.

“You are here today as a possible participant in a drug research study sponsored by Pfizer Incorporated,” say the briefing documents. “Taking part in this study is voluntary (your choice)… If you are not completely honest about your health history, you may be harmed by being in this study.”

The only FDA-approved antiviral treatment to Covid-19 is Gilead’s Remdesivir therapy, but clinical studies have suggested that the drug isn’t highly effective in treating Covid-19, rather it can block Covid-19 from replicating in the body. The U.S. has granted emergency use authorizations for other treatments though: Antibody treatments developed by Eli Lilly and Regeneron, and a combination treatment using Remdesivir and Baricitinib (an anti-inflammatory).


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