Find out where the electric that you use in your home comes from

Find out where the electric that you use in your home comes from

Find out how committed to the environment your provider is

PEOPLE are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their energy consumption and according to a recent article in El Confidencial, there is a way to learn more about the origin of the electricity you consume.

The new time sections introduced by the government which will affect electricity bills from June have reportedly been put in place to benefit users who make a more environmentally-friendly use of it.

Meanwhile, with protecting the planet being on the minds of an increasing number of consumers, many of whom will stop dealing with brands if they do not consider them to be committed to protecting the environment, labels on many products can tell us just how eco-friendly they are.

Labels on certain products analyse the raw materials it uses, its origin or environmental footprint. A clear example is when we buy a car or an electrical appliance, but on a more regular basis we can find information about the foods we consume, such as how it was produced or under what conditions for the producers or livestock involved.

When it comes to electric companies, the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) evaluates the origin and environmental impact of energy sold by each company and they receive a label, similar to those seen on white goods, showing how they rate from A (higher renewable origin) to G (lower renewable origin).

This is shown at the end of your electricity bill and will allow you to know the origin of the energy you consume and how committed your provider is to the environment.

You can see it on the graphs included on your bill and on the energy rating scale, so have a look at your next will to find out where the electric that you use comes from.

Generally speaking, the use of electricity produced from renewable sources such as wind, solar power, hydroelectric power or biogas is on the rise amongst most companies and the opinion is that it is here to stay on the path to achieving a more sustainable world.

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