Positive Covid Cases Allowed Entry at Barajas Airport

Positive Covid Cases Allowed Entry at Barajas Airport

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POSITIVE Covid cases were allowed entry at Barajas airport in Madrid. The Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero, has assured that they are “aware” that “travellers with a positive PCR” arrived at the Barajas airport and has accused the central government of “not doing their job “at border control. “From January to now, a 7.4 per cent test has been carried out in Barajas. It is a ridiculous figure, and shows the lack of real control,” Zapatero said during the press conference in which the epidemiological situation in the region was analysed.

As reported by 20 Minutos, Zapatero explained that during the weekend of May 14 to 16, there were 21 cases of Covid in Barajas: “from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, France, Turkey, Morocco … they were admitted to the Zendal Hospital. Three of these people had positive PCR results; another with a date prior to the required time frame, and another person with incomplete data.”

The Ministry of Health has indicated that these cases were detected when checking the random documentation that is done at the Barajas airport. The Deputy Minister explained that in April 25,000 flights passed through Barajas and 37 per cent had Madrid as their final destination. “I do not understand how it is possible to allow the boarding of people with positive PCR” stated Zapatero, who assures that the government “is not doing its job” in relation to border control. When asked if the Ministry of Health has communicated any data regarding these cases of positive PCR, the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan has been very forceful, “they do not give us any explanation.”

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