Malaga Mayor asks to recover 'the prevention of the past few months'

Malaga Mayor asks to recover 'the prevention of the past few months'

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MALAGA Mayor asks to recover ‘the prevention of the past few months’. The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has warned of the acceleration in the rate of Covid-19 infections in the city in this last week, which is leading to greater hospital pressure and has asked the population to recover the prevention and care that had been practised a few months ago against the virus, as well as the use of the mask.
“In closed spaces, always; in open spaces, if there is a crowd, also with a mask; and avoid crowds, respect the social distance, not be less than a meter and a half”, De la Torre said in his Sunday message on social media networks, as reported by Andalucia Informacion. The Mayor has admitted that there is a “greater need to hospitalize and an increase in ICUs”, with some data, transferred by the territorial delegate for Health and Families, Carlos Bautista, that among those admitted to these ICUs there are young people, “There are young people in their early twenties and early thirties; it is shocking, it is worrisome to see such news” he stressed.
In this regard, he has asked to recover that care and prevention of the past couple of months and to not forget the mask, always wear it in closed spaces and in open spaces if there are no crowds. He also recalled that the unvaccinated COVID-19 “attacks them, affects them more or less seriously but some clearly suffer the consequences.” In the opinion of De la Torre, while vaccination reaches the entire population “we have to make an effort.” “The data shows it, 496 infections on Friday in the city; 432 on Thursday; 1,438 infections in the entire province this Saturday, with 24 hospitalized and seven in the ICU.

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