Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide (2023)

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WITH its beautiful coastline, rich history and easy access to schools, restaurants and shops, the province of Almeria is a favourite for British and other nationalities moving to Spain.

Those looking to move to a warmer climate are also in luck as the Almeria region has more annual sunshine hours than anywhere else in Europe, as well as some of the highest annual average temperatures.

With its own airport and located just two hours from Malaga, Alicante and Granada, Almeria is perfectly situated for travel and visitors.

So, if you’re considering moving to Almeria, where do you go for all that essential information on the types of property on offer, the best schools and the most popular restaurants?

To make moving to Almeria a bit easier, the Euro Weekly News has put together this handy guide to everything you need to know before making the decision.


  • Where is Almeria?
  • Property in Almeria
  • Healthcare in Almeria
  • Things to do in Almeria
  • Best restaurants in Almeria
  • Schools in Almeria
  • Contact information

Where is Almeria?

Almeria is located in south-east Spain, on the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Almeria city is the capital of the province of the same name and is just five miles from Almeria (LEI) Airport. Granada Airport is 76 miles away and Malaga Airport is 112 miles away.

Almeria City

Almeria City is steeped in history but still has a modern feel. With no shortage of beaches, things to do, world-class restaurants, bars and shops, Almeria is a destination that is begging to be explored. Often overlooked by people wanting to travel or move to Spain, Almeria is an underrated city but one you should definitely be considering in moving.

One of the first things to see is the Alcazaba, an old walled fort that overlooks the city with incredible views. Built in the 10th century by Muslim people who ruled the area, the Alcabaza was restored following an earthquake in 1522 that destroyed much of Almeria city.

Other notable places and things to do in Almeria city are a visit to the Cathedral, the tunnels of the Spanish Civil War (Los Refugios de la Guerra Civil), the city beach Playa Zapillo, taking a stroll along La Rambla, the Cinema Museum and the Cable Ingles.

Moving to Almeria
Almeria City. Image – Almeria de Ayuntamiento

Other popular areas in Almeria Province

The province of Almeria has a huge stretch of coastline with many popular locations for those thinking of moving.


Very popular with expats, Mojacar is a municipality situated in the southeast of the Province of Almeria, just 56 miles from the city. It is included in the most beautiful villages in Spain network, boasting a labyrinth of streets lined with white houses, and is one of the essential towns of the province. The town is divided into two well-differentiated urban centres – Mojacar Pueblo (old town) and Mojacar Playa (beach).

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Photo: Mojacar town hall


The municipality of Nijar lies in the eastern part of Almeria, in the Sierra de Alhamilla and the south-eastern Mediterranean coast, in the Campo de Nijar. The beautiful town of Nijar has lots of history to offer and a variety of restaurant cuisines.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Nijar. Image –


The town of Huercal-Overa is located near the border of Murcia and is one of the areas in Spain that has retained the Spanish culture and its small meandering streets. It has an abundance of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and properties. Huercal-Overa is close to other local areas of interest such as Mojacar, Vera, Albox, Lorca and Almeria city.

Moving to Almeria
Image – Ayuntamiento de Huércal-Overa

Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar is in the southern area of the province. It is the second most populated municipality in the province, behind the capital, and is a favourite for expats moving to the area due to its excellent services and infrastructure.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Roquetas de Mar. Image –

Velez Blanco

Velez Blanco is a charming village in the north of Almeria, almost on the border of Murcia. Velez Blanco is characterised by its rural mountains and its forests of pines and holm oaks – perfect for those who like sports, hiking or walking on the weekends.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Velez Blanco. Image –

Property in Almeria

Our top pick

Next House of Almeria

Next House Almeria is a Real Estate Advisor, founded by qualified staff with extensive experience in the real estate sector, and is characterised by its personalised and professional treatment, as well as the full confidence and efficiency towards each one of its clients.

Next House Almeria, aims to promote the purchase and sale of all types of properties in the province of Almeria and offer you quality advice during the selling or buying process.

Nobody will work harder for you whether you are SELLING or BUYING!

Contact Next House Almeria via their website, at [email protected] or by calling 645 066 139.


Setting up your new home

Our top pick

Wood 2 Go

If you are looking to make changes to your new home, Wood 2 Go is a family run business nestled in the beautiful Los Velez area of the Province of Almeria offering expertly crafted woodwork.

Their workshop is situated on the Industrial Estate of Velez Rubio and has been since its opening in May 2006. From here they make all projects for their clients whether it is a pergola, gazebo, carport, decking, sheds or anything else in wood that may be requested.

Wood 2 Go install the majority of the structures made for their clients but also can make a kit form if self-installation is desired and, of course, offer a range of sizes of timber for keen DIYers.

All timber used in the fabrication of any project, except the redwood roof battens, is “Glulam”. Glulam stands for Glued Laminated Timber. Glulam is made by glueing together, under pressure and heat, laminates of timber that have been accurately planed. The resulting product is strong, stable, and corrosion-proof with significant advantages over structural steel and concrete.

Wood 2 Go deliver to a wide range of areas (e.g. – Murcia, Almeria Granada) and can legally carry up to 8m in length on their vehicle (but up to 12m lengths are also possible), so please don’t hesitate to ask for details either through their website –, their FaceBook page) or by email at [email protected].



Decorating your new home

Our top pick

Mueble Hogar Milenium

Mueble Hogar Milenium is a family business with more than 20 years of experience in the furniture sector. In its 2500 metres of showroom, you can find a wide range of rest articles including mattresses, canapés, pillows and more.

Mueble Hogar Milenium has more than 100 models of sofas and chaisselongue to try and choose the one that best suits your needs, you can also find a wide variety of bedrooms, living room furniture and bedrooms.

Don’t forget their kitchen and bathroom furniture showroom – at Mueble Hogar Millennium, you can furnish your home down to the smallest detail as they also have the latest in decorative items.

Visit Muebla Hogar Milenium and take advantage of the great offers they have, you can find discounts from 10 per cent to 60 per cent on various exhibition items.

Visit the Mueble Hogar Millenium Facebook page, where you will find photos of completed work for their customers as well as all of the magazine offers that they launch during the year.

Budgets without commitment, Mueble Hogar Milenium will visit your home and take measurements of everything necessary to make a 3D design on the computer and you can see how your home will look without making any commitments.

Do not hesitate to visit Mueble Hogar where their team of professionals are eager to make your dream of having your home as you always wished come true.

Open: 9am until 2pm and 5pm until 8pm, closed on Sundays

Address: A-334, 04661 Los Carasoles, Almería

Website: Click here

Telephone: 950 449 013

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Click here


Healthcare in Almeria

Having access to reliable and quality healthcare is essential when moving to a new place and Almeria has an impressive public health service with several private healthcare options.

Dentists in Almeria

Our top pick

Clinica Hi Dental Indalo

Are you moving to Almeria and looking for a trusted and reliable dental clinic to keep your mouth healthy? Clinica Hi Dental Indalo are renowned in the area for their expertise in dentistry, including treatments such as surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, whitening, fillings, hygiene and veneers.

Clinica Hi Dental Indalo believes in slow dentistry based on honesty, humanity and understanding, where the client and quality of care is the most important aspect. For those patients who are scared or fearful of going to the dentist, the highly experienced and thoughtful clinical team prides itself on making patients feel at ease and looked after.

Not only this, Clinica Hi Dental Indalo is also the longest established clinic in the area and its client base is 60 per cent foreigners, meaning they will speak to you in a language that you can understand. Waiting times are kept to a very minimum and, should you need to wait, you will be shown to a waiting room with many different kinds of magazines, a flat-screen TV and comfortable sofas.

The clinic has the latest technology in CT, orthopantomography, teleradiography, 3D scanners and radiovisiography. Each office has its own equipment to be able to make a complete diagnosis of patients’ mouths with excellent image resolution and the minimum dose of radiation.

Feel at home at Clinica Hi Dental Indalo, get in touch to find out how they can help you with all of your oral health needs.

Intensive morning hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am to 4pm

Intensive afternoon hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30pm to 8pm

Address: C/Alfarero Salvador Hernandez 10, Vera, Almeria

Appointments and emergencies: 950 39 06 55

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: 692 16 82 44

Telegram: 692 16 82 44

Website: Click here

Facebook: @ClinicDrCremades


Hospitals in Almeria

Torrecardenas Hospital Complex

This is the main public health complex in the province of Almeria and is managed by the Andalucia Health Service. With a 24 hour emergency service, it is also a benchmark in the treatment of epilepsy and colon cancer.

Address: Paraje de Torrecardenas, 04009, Almeria

Contact: 950 016 000 or click here

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Image: junta de andalucia

Hospital HLA Mediterraneo

This modern and recently renovated private hospital is open 24 hours with state-of-the-art facilities. The HLA Mediterraneo hospital offers assistance to the entire province of Almeria, including the growing demand for foreign patients, given the tourist nature of the area.

Address: C. Nueva Musa, 8, 04007 Almeria

Contact: 950 62 10 63 or click here

Moving to Almeria :The ultimate guide
Hospital HLA Mediterraneo almeria. Image – HLA Group

Doctors in Almeria

Policlinica De Almeria, Grupo HLA

This public medical centre offers free medical treatment to those with entitlement to free healthcare. Policlinica De Almeria is a centre for specialities such as general medicine, physical and rehabilitative medicine, gynaecology, traumatology, paediatrics, psychiatry, rheumatology, physiotherapy, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurophysiology, neurology.

Address: Av. Federico García Lorca, 50, 04005 Almería

Contact: 950 25 83 91 or click here

Moving to Almeria :The ultimate guide
Policlinica De Almeria, Grupo HLA. Image – HLA Group

Opticians in Almeria

Our top pick

Salas Opticas

Salas Opticas are a multidisciplinary team of experts in audiology and optics, constantly adapting to new trends and training to keep up with the latest market developments. They have a huge variety of frames and have exclusive sales rights for brands such as Oakley and RayBan in the area.

Salas Opticas also has a wide variety of hearing solutions and will accompany you throughout the process of adapting to the best solution for you.

Address: Av. Guillermo Reyna, 24, 04600 Huercal-Overa, Almeria

Contact: Telephone: 950 13 50 81 Whatsapp: 638 010 656 or click here


10 of the best things to do in Almeria

There are many things to do if you decide to move to Almeria and lots of ways to get involved in local life.

1. Visit film history in Mini Hollywood

Live out your Western fantasies at this attraction not far from the town of Tabernas, just north of Almeria. Mini Hollywood has a set built for Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western, For a Few Dollars More in 1965, and was used again for the other classic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly a year later.

Moving to Almeria
Image – Oasys MiniHollywood

2. Shop in Almeria

If shops are what you’re looking for, Central Almeria has them all. Brands like Zara and Mango are broken up by cafes and bars with outdoor seating beneath rows of delicately pruned ficus. There are also lots of shopping centres to explore.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Centro Comercial Mediterráneo. Image – Centro Comercial Mediterráneo

3. Explore the beaches in Almeria

Many of the beaches in Almeria boast a Blue Flag, making them some of the breathtaking beaches in Spain. Ones to note are Monsul beach (San Jose), Aguadulce beach (Roquetas de Mar), Las Negras beach (Nijar) and Los Muertos beach (Carboneras). You will have plenty of time to discover them all when you move to Almeria.

Moving to Almeria
Image – Almeria de Ayuntamiento

4. Climb in the Cabo de Gata

Climb the highest summit, El Fraile, a long-extinct volcano that crests at 500 metres and has supreme views of the sea and coastal settlements, see wild flamingos or visit the abandoned mining villages – you’ll never get bored with so much to see in this natural park!

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
El Fraile. Image – Wasquewhat

5. Stroll the Central Market

In the upper end of Paseo de Almeria, the city’s central market was revamped in 2012 and is easily the best and cheapest place to do your food shopping when you move to Almeria.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Image – Pinterest

6. Soak inside the Aire de Almeria

Located in restored vaults under one of Almeria’s oldest squares, Aire’s hammam recreates Greek, Ottoman and Roman bathing experiences. Take a soak in the candlelit tubs, float in salt water or steam in the saunas before a massage.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Aire de Almeria. Image –

7. Drive to the Tabernas Desert

Just half an hour’s drive north from Almeria is Europe’s only desert, Little Hollywood is located in this desert – which is a sight to behold. The sun shines here for over 3,000 hours a year and rain is virtually unheard of.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Sunrise in the Tabernas Desert. Image – Colin C Wheeler

8. Take in the Cathedral of Almeria

Almeria’s 16th-century cathedral is the only structure of its kind in Andalucia that was used to defend as well as religious purposes. Its turrets and buttresses were designed to keep out Berber pirates and rebelling Moors – both of which often attacked the city during the 16th century.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Image – Elena Martinez Chacon, CC BY-SA 3.0 ES

9. Refugios de la Guerra Civil Española de Almeria (Shelters of the Civil War)

One of the most important and best preserved in Europe, these tunnels are a subterranean system of concrete air-raid shelters that were used during the Spanish Civil War. Visitors can now book tours to marvel at this incredible architecture.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Refugios de la Guerra Civil Española de Almeria. Image – laguiaviajera

10. Flamenco show in Peña Flamenca El Morato

For a great Flamenco show with authentic cave scenery, visit the Peña Flamenca El Morato club. An extraordinary place with a cave-like flamenco experience, as well as great food and tapas.

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Peña Flamenca El Morato. Image – Facebook


10 of the best restaurants in Almeria

Almeria is a great place to experience traditional, delicious Spanish and Andalucian cuisine – particularly gurullos, a pasta typical in Almeria. Check out our list of the top 10 places to eat when moving to Almeria.

1. La Tagliatella, CC Torrecardenas

La Tagliatella offers Italian, Mediterranean, Sicilian and Southern-Italian cuisine with carefully crafted decor that will transport you to Italy as soon as you step inside. This restaurant has two locations in Almeria.

Open: Monday to Sunday 1:30pm until 4:15pm and 20:15 until 11pm, Saturdays 1pm until 6pm and 6:30pm until 11:15pm

Address: Av. Medico Francisco Perez Company, 19 04009

Booking: 950230161

Price: €€ – €€€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Restaurantes La Tagliatella. Image – La Tagliatella

2. Travieso

Travieso offers beautifully presented Mediterranean, Spanish, healthy fusion cuisine with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Open: 12:30pm until 4:30pm and 8:30pm until 11:30pm, closed on Mondays

Address: C. Lentisco, nº14, 04007

Booking: 693 94 97 86

Price: €€€€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Travieso Restaurante. Image – Travieso

3. Wakea Poke Burger

For the more health-conscious, Wakea Poke Burger offers healthy Hawaiian and International cuisine with many vegan options to choose from.

Open: 1pm until 4pm and 8pm until 11:30

Address: Calle Gil Vicente 12, 04006

Booking: 950 85 22 20

Price: €€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Wakea Poke Bowl. Image – Wakea Poke Bowl

4. Restaurante Albar

Restaurante Albar offers Mediterranean, European and Spanish dishes with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available – a great place to relax and enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors.

Open: Saturday 1pm until 11pm, Sunday 1pm until 6pm

Address: 45 El Pilar, Barriada de Lubrin, 04271

Booking: 647 87 70 91

Price: €€-€€€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Restaurante Albar. Image – Restaurante Albar

5. Buono

A restaurant situated on the beach front, Buono serves authentic Italian pizza and pasta at a reasonable price.

Open: 12:30pm until 4pm and 7:30pm until 12am

Address: Calle San Miguel 2, 04007

Booking: 950 652 626

Price: €

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Buono. Image – Buono

6. El Quinto Toro

El Quinto Toro is a Spanish and Mediterranean bar and restaurant that is popular for its authentic tapas dishes.

Open: 12pm until 4pm and 8pm until 12am, closed on Sundays

Address: C. Juan Leal, 6, 04001 Almeria

Booking: 950 23 91 35

Price: €

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
El Quinto Toro. Image – El Quinto Toro

7. Marhaba

If you’re looking for Moroccan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, Marhaba is one of the most popular in Almeria.

Open: 1:30pm until 5pm and 8:15pm until 11:30pm

Address: C./ Argelia corner Antonio Cano, 04009

Booking: 950 530 636

Price: €€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Marhaba. Image – Marhaba

8. Taberna Nuestra Tierra

Located in the beautiful old town, Taberna Nuestra Tierra offers Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Open: Friday 7:30am until 12am, Saturday 12pm until 12am, Sunday 12 until 4pm, weekdays 7:30am until 4pm and 8pm until 12am

Address: Esquina con, Calle Jovellanos, C. Marín, 04003 Almería

Booking: 679 89 74 32

Price: €€-€€€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Taberna Nuestra Tierra. Image – Taberna Nuestra Tierra

9. La Mala-Croqueteria

Known for its croquettes and its artichoke, La Mala-Croqueteria offers Spanish, Mediterranean, European, International and fusion cuisine.

Open: 1pm until 4pm and 8pm until 12am, Mondays 8pm until 12am, closed Tuesdays

Address: Calle Gabriel Callejon, 10, 04001

Booking: 619 35 08 16

Price: €€-€€€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
La Mala-Croqueteria. Image – La Mala-Croqueteria

10. Aljaima

If you’re looking for African, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Arabic dishes then Aljaima is a great alternative to tapas and Mediterranean food.

Open: 12pm until 4pm and 8pm until 12am, closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Address: C. Jovellanos, 12, 04003 Almeria

Booking: 609 77 64 27

Price: €€-€€€

Moving to Almeria: The ultimate guide
Aljaima. Image – Aljaima


Schools in Almeria

When moving to a new location, making sure there are some great schools is essential, and Estepona has some impressive International schools.

Three of the best International schools in the province are SEK International School Alboran, Montessori School Almeria and The British School of Almeria in Roquetas de Mar.

The prestigious British School of Almeria offers an authentic British education to children aged 3 to 18 years old and has a solid reputation as a centre of educational excellence.

Important Contacts in Almeria

Moving somewhere new is great but it’s important to know the contact information for any emergencies.

That´s why we have included information on important contacts when moving to Almeria.

Emergency services, including health, fire and police: 112

National police: 091

Local police: 092

For more about moving to Spain, look at the Euro Weekly News´ guide to moving to the Costa Blanca.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to check The Euro Weekly News for all your up-to-date local and international news stories, and remember, you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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