Women in Power: Sophie Frabotta is leading with a unique approach to Spiritual Psychology

Women in Power: Sophie Frabotta is leading with a unique approach to Spiritual Psychology

Spirituality plays a vital role in people’s lives; therefore, it blends perfectly with the science behind psychology to offer fulfilling and profound healing experiences. Creating a healthy mind requires a healthy body and solid spirituality to help people connect with their inner selves while displacing the missing and fractured pieces.

Helping people heal after upsetting experiences requires the exploration of their unworldly side. Sophie Frabotta’s unique approach to spiritual psychology comes from her passion for helping others live their full potential after healing.

Women in Power: Sophie Frabotta is leading with a unique approach to Spiritual Psychology

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Sophie Frabotta’s Approach

Sophie Frabotta has dedicated her life to serving others after she managed to pull herself out of her own darkness. Sophie’s education brought her many awakening moments, leading to her becoming a spiritual entrepreneur and the creation of her digital transformation company called Awaken Collective.

Today, Sophie Frabotta is one of the leaders in the global spiritual industry who is on a mission to end spiritual bypassing and help others as a heart-centered leader.

Over 15 years of experience, an authentic approach, and her proprietary techniques ensure that every client will reach their full potential. Sophie’s work includes spiritual healing sessions, workshops, retreats, meditations, audio healing sessions, etc. These resources help her clients embrace the spiritual healing process, helping them unblock the code to their soul’s wealth.

Sophie Frabotta is the Soul Whisperer

Frabotta’s professional achievements include the development of 100+ hours of Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Training. She also runs her certification program for groups of women and men separately to help those who are awakening and want to serve others, to step into their full potential.

Sophie also developed a revolutionary process called the 4 Rs Method with a formula that helps recognize which phase a client finds themselves in and how to move through it. Several life experiences shaped Sophie Frabotta, including her parents moving around quite a bit in her formative years. At one point, when they returned to Princeton after several years of absence, the eighth-grader felt that her friends had moved on, leading to aggression and an increased appetite.

After years of being the new kid, she felt rejected, and her undiagnosed learning difficulties led to an eating disorder. By the ninth grade, Sophie was mixing with the wrong crowd and had put on 70 pounds. Determined to lose weight, she joined a field hockey team, battled with bulimia, found God, and finally fell in love with life coaching.

Not long after, Sophie got her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. By 2020, she achieved 10,000 hours of life coaching one-on-one with clients, and this year she completed 1,000 straight days of meditating.

For Frabotta, clinical psychology delves too much into people’s limitations rather than teaching them their full potential. Her eyes reflect her passion for her work as she says, “My clients affectionately call me The Soul Whisperer since I can hear the words whispered within- their soul. I also teach them to listen and understand these words.”

Taking a Purpose and Building A Meaningful Career

During her Master’s program, Frabotta experienced a new level of spirituality and purpose – an awakening. Realizing what she needed to do from there on, she started rebranding her business to create a transformation that included life coaching, meditation, and understanding the spiritual healing powers of crystals.

She soon opened the Awaken Crystal Gallery, where clients can purchase crystal jewelry. The handmade creations do far more than looking good, supercharging their wearers with their various healing frequencies.

Her program includes the Personal Virtual Retreat for deep healing before seeking certification. After that, coaching comes from the breakthrough tools used in the 100+ Hours Transformation Work program as students prepare to step into a coaching position.

Students have access to an extensive library of healing tools, as well as those for building a spiritual business. Finally, taking the road to final transformation comes from the 20-week Spiritual Life Coach Training, a journey filled with meditation, various forms of coaching, and spiritual method lessons. On completion, participants are ready to embody their new role as a Spiritual Coach with a confident understanding of how to operate their new spiritual business.

Final Take

As a healer and mentor, Sophie Frabotta works toward guiding her students and aspiring coaches to heal by unblocking trauma and stepping into their true self. As part of her various programs, she aims to teach everyone to find their true power from within, effectively managing their daily energy and connecting to their higher consciousness. She describes her unique approach in her own words: “You do not have to be just one thing; you can be soft and strong, passionate and gentle, sacred and silly, a warrior and a healer. You are a multidimensional being; accept all your aspects; you are beautiful!”

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