The best cars to deal with rainy conditions on the roads

Seasonal rainfall has hit Spain hard, which are the best cars to be driving in this weather?

VAST swathes of the country were hit by torrential downpours in the last couple of weeks, leaving many struggling with transport options. Today we’re taking a look at three of the best car models for rainy conditions, according to motoring experts.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Experts say that small SUVs are your best bet in rainy conditions, and weighing in at 1,260kg, the Toyota Yaris Cross is slightly towards the heavier end of the light SUV scale but its powerful four wheel drive system and anti-skid features give this car a high rating. The car also offers an impressive ground clearance and strong LED lights for dark rainy conditions.

Hyundai Kona

This SUV model from the South Korean brand has similar credentials to the Toyota Yaris Cross to deal with heavy rain. Its powerful 198 horsepower engine combined with a highly-effective four wheel drive system and tyres with a strong grip, this car is rated highly to deal with rainy conditions.

Fiat Panda Cross

This unique model is one of the lightest four-wheel drive cars on the market, at just 1,165kg. The car’s four-wheel drive gives drivers maximum control in slippery conditions. The car is also one of the cheaper models on the market at €24,000.