Marketing Madness: How DogeMiyagi, PepeCoin, and Apecoin pull an audience

Marketing Madness: How DogeMiyagi, PepeCoin, and Apecoin pull an audience

Marketing is one of the most crucial practices for every product or service. After all, this is what you use to get your clients. In crypto, marketing is perhaps the most vital practice for every project, from presale, all the way into their launch and even after. It is a way to stay connected with their audience, and also grow their ecosystem.

There are many approaches that projects can take to marketing, the most common being social media. Others include airdrops, word of mouth, and creating hype. Altogether, an effective marketing strategy becomes loud enough to ensure the success of the crypto projects.

Meme coins in particular have some of the most creative marketing strategies in the entire industry. These strategies can be the difference between the coin either succeeding or drastically bombing.

One coin that has probably one of the loudest marketing in the history of crypto is PepeCoin. Leveraging an already existing concept, it found overnight success leaving little work for an actual strategy. Apecoin is not a conventional meme coin by nature, but it does its markets even more unconventionally. DogeMiyagi has one of the most innovative strategies, similar to what Pepe has done, but with something extra.

The frog that leaped so that PepeCoin could fly

PepeCoin had one of the most historical entrances into the market. It found massive success practically overnight, raising over a billion dollars. This can be attributed to the pop culture history of the PepeCoin. Before it hit the market, it was used in countless memes across the internet, unconsciously practising meme stock, which is the main reason for its success.

By leveraging its pre-crypto popularity, PepeCoin was able to gather a large number of followers and build its community in record time. Its marketing strategy as of late consists mainly of social media which it uses to connect with its audience, interact with users, and build anticipation of future events. This also allows its audience to stay connected and engaged, thus maintaining its community.

Rise of the Apes

Apecoin is a byproduct of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and has used that popularity to create momentum for itself. With the fame that BAYC has in the market, it was no difficulty for Apecoin to soon find success, and coupled with the commercialisation rights granted by Yuga Labs, it created even more momentum.

Apecoin does utilise social media for the majority of its marketing to announce events, giveaways and promote products. It constantly interacts with its Twitter community and keeps them engaged by sharing its posts and its milestones. This constant line of communication gives them an edge because their audience always feels included in their progress and growth.

Marketing On, Failure Off

DogeMiyagi, currently in its presale, is about to be the latest meme coin to go onto the roster. What sets it apart from others and doubles as an amazing marketing tool is its concept. Yes, it is a dog but it is also crafted after one of the most referenced pieces of pop culture – Karate Kid.

Leveraging this concept has allowed DogeMiyagi to develop an emotional connection with their target audience, which is similar to what PepeCoin has done but this is more sentimental. Most investors today have Karate Kid playing a big part in their childhood, so this is what gives DogeMiyagi the edge over other competing meme coins.

Furthermore, since social media is vital for presales, DogeMiyagi utilises this very well and posts regular updates about milestones and achievements along with upcoming events. This allows its audience to be up to date with the project and also motivates them to engage with it.

Additionally, one of the other brilliant marketing strategies implemented by DogeMiyagi is its referral system, which allows the project to have excellent word-of-mouth marketing. Moreover, when news of the project is shared with others and they sign up, the 10% commission will create great incentives to keep this marketing strategy alive through the community.

Where there’s a rhyme, there’s a reason

Marketing is the strongest tool in the kit for every business and when used right, it can effectively build an empire. PepeCoin, DogeMiyagi, and Apecoin understand the power of this and have crafted their strategies to work for them. Although some are similar, they differ in the effect it has on the audience but still pull them toward the crypto.

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