EU and WHO planning for introduction digital vaccine passports

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The European Union and World Health Organisation met in Geneva last week to discuss how to combat any future pandemics, after the Covid-19 debacle.

Almost every corner of the world came to a standstill in 2020 when Covid-19 forced the majority of countries into nationwide lockdowns, restricting people to the number of times they could go outside and interact with others.

There were several other rules including restrictions on certain products including toilet rolls, which everyone widely accepted for a long period of time as the threat of the virus appeared very serious from the portrayal within the media.

However, once the vaccination was rolled out, restrictions were eased and people could mix with so many people from another household once again, but beneath the surface, it wasn’t as simple as that.

EU and WHO planning for future pandemics

This is because people were required to have a Covid-19 vaccine passport to show they had been jabbed and this also applied to going on holidays abroad and getting into certain pubs and restaurants, which caused forms of controversy.

These didn’t last long and soon enough people and businesses grew tired of how time-consuming it was to scan barcodes for every person that entered the premises, however, some may have to get used to this once again if another pandemic breaks out.

Digital vaccine passports to become a reality

This is because the EU and WHO have been discussing the possibility of having a way of generating digital vaccine passports in preparation for another pandemic that may occur out of the blue.

This is seemingly to ensure that government can control and be aware of how many people get vaccinated and also, which sort of vaccinations they are having when it comes to who is most likely to transmit any potential diseases in the future.

According to WHO, the introduction of such digital vaccine passports will help mobility and allow people to keep travelling around the world and in their home countries, even if such a pandemic was to be unleashed in the future.

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    • M

      13 June 2023 • 14:15

      This is another attempt of a controlling mechanism, It is quit clear from the Covid era that none of the so called “vaccines stopped or prevented transmission”, and were there for monitering and control purposes. People are now aware of this overwatch mentality under the guise of “Virus control” Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me!

      • MG

        13 June 2023 • 17:50

        Well Said !!!!!!!

      • DBath

        13 June 2023 • 19:48

        Agree 1000%

    • MG

      13 June 2023 • 17:49

      ABSOLUTE BOLLO*** control control contol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      13 June 2023 • 21:24

      What a bunch of clowns! They really expect us to believe this bull?

    • Jarka

      14 June 2023 • 15:32

      Seriously???? I really hope most of people are clever enough not to believe it bull…. anymore…

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