Brits behaving badly may soon be banned from Balearic Islands

Tourists may soon be blacklisted from Balearic Islands.

Tourists may soon be blacklisted from Balearic Islands. Credit: zixia/

British tourists could soon be banned from popular holiday destinations on the Balearic Islands according to Head of Tourism Jaume Bauza.

Badly behaved Brits, or any tourists heading to the Balearic Islands could soon see themselves blacklisted and not allowed to visit in the near future if they are found to have broken strict rules brought into place to help combat anti-social visitors.

This is according to a new decree which was recently brought into place to help the Islands’ police and authorities fight against drunken and rowdy tourists who were potentially giving places a bad name and ruining the local area.

A drunken tourism decree was agreed back in 2020 for certain areas such as Magaluf in Mallorca as well as the West End of San Antonio in neighbouring Ibiza, two places that are very popular every year for British tourists searching for a bit of sunshine and party atmosphere.

What are the planned new laws for places like Magaluf and Ibiza?

This decree can see people fined up to £50,000 (€57,600) if they are found to be jumping off of balconies with a limit also being put in place for people who are all-inclusive at certain hotels and try to get around new rules by having unlimited meals and drinks.

The regional government now in power have made its stance very clear which is they wish to change the name of the decree to that of ‘responsible tourism’ as a way to avoid negative connotations that go with the plans.

In the process of changing its name, the government also plan to increase where these laws now come into force because right now it only impacts certain streets in some resorts feeling the brunt of these rules and fines, and they want to expand it to all parts of the Islands.

British tourists could soon be blacklisted from the Balearic Islands

Head of Tourism, Mr Bauza, spoke last night about how plans to put tourists back on a plane home and ban them from re-entering for a period of time is indeed being discussed.

When asked if tourists could soon be forced to leave the country, he said: “I’ve expressed the master lines and nothing’s being ruled out or confirmed at this stage.

“Then it will need to have a legal framework. The main thing is to target companies as well, but above all those people who behave in a way that is not tolerable, here or anywhere.”

Holidaymakers who break rules can already be kicked out of their hotels without much notice or even a refund if they are caught being rowdy or taking part in something called ‘balconing’ which sees people jump across different balconies.

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