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The British Benevolent Fund was funded over a century ago to provide financial assistance for British nationals in extreme financial distress and who have no other recourse, whether friends or family or state support.

The BBF works with partner charities from  across the country as well as the UK´s consular network  in Spain in order to help those who have no other means.

Recently we were made aware of a case of a young woman who was living in Spain with her partner. They had three children together.

She had contacted a local charity saying that she was being physically and sexually abused by her partner and was fearful for herself. She did say however that she was finding it almost impossible to take the necessary action to report the incidents because of the fear of losing her family and young children.

The charity could do little other than offer sympathy and advice if she didn’t wish to take any action.

She returned home to continue with her unhappy and difficult home situation. The abuse continued too.

But one day she took up the offer of help from the charity and consulted a lawyer with them.

As if empowered from another source she took action. The denuncia was made both criminal and civil and immediately the authorities were at the house.

She took the decision to leave him and take the children. He had little choice and was facing a barrage of legal issues to contend with. She pressed her advantage to return to the UK with the children. He at first refused but under pressure relented to give his permission for the move, which was his right.

The legal case continues but she is now out of the horror of living with him and has the children safe. As we speak she the UK consulate are arranging emergency accommodation for her and the children.

The BBF has agreed with her and the consulate to pay for her repatriation and emergency accommodation so she can start her life over.

Her problems are not over and she faces considerable challenges, but she and the children are out of harms way. who had been living in Spain for some years who had tried to contact with the authorities over a domestic abuse situation.

The BBF can only help people like her with your support – if you would like to make a donation to the British Benevolent Fund please visit our – thank you on behalf of the many for your help. Olaf Clayton, Chair BBF

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British Benevolent Fund

Olaf Clayton is the chairman of the British Benevolent Fund and shares the charity's expat stories with the Euro Weekly News every week