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AS people in Europe live longer, there is an ever increasing number of elderly people who have worked for the required number of qualifying years and are entitled to receive a State Pension.

It appears that although British Pensioners will see the triple lock benefit increase their pensions above inflation in April of next year, many still receive far less than their Spanish counterparts.

The rules concerning State Pensions are without doubt complicated and this has been proven by the conflicting comments that we have received on our website.

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Peter Selston

In reply to Geoffrey Buxton.

Definitely a major bone of contention Geoffrey. I am 2 years behind you and I worked from the age of 17 until I was 72 and my body said enough is enough. It is scandalous that we have a two tier pension system, why is our old pension not good enough for the new pensioners. We should be on a level playing field, either raise the old one or lower the new one, we are all the same pensioners.

Give me a political party that guarantees a one pension system and they will have my vote.


I live in Spain, worked for 13 years also 37 years paid in UK, total pension received 1300 euro per month before tax.

Geoffrey Buxton

I’m 77 years old, and get a lower pension than people retiring today, although I worked longer, why do we have a two tier pension that has the older people worse off or are they just waiting for us to die.

Ivan Baker

John Ensor, your closing comment of “solely relying on the state” is a tad offensive. I worked and contributed to the system for fifty years. This was at the levels set by government and my expectation was and is that I should receive a pension that enables me to live above the breadline. I’m mid-seventies still working two part time jobs and paying tax on every pound I earn.


Max state pension in Spain is nearing 2900 euros.

James O’Donnell

Looks like Spanish pensioners are better off than Spanish workers then. lucky to have more than 1100 euro per month


Well, isn’t that a surprise? You do not need much more income to be taxed in the UK so I would be surprised if Spanish pensioners did not enjoy being members of the tax club.

Mary Rita Foster

Are Spanish pensioners taxed? £ 26.000.00 IS A LARGE SUM. Irish old age pension far less.

David White

The UK pension is so poor because people in the UK don’t kick off and just accept that all of the main parties don’t care for the UK people. They only Care about their international profile. Giving foreign aid and gold plating their own pension. They should be totally ashamed. But, they just don’t care

Maria Angeles García

That’s rubbish!

I’m a Spanish pensioner and I don’t get anything as much as that. And yes, I am taxed on the pension.

Do you mean the sum in Euros John?

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