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WHILST music is a force that often unites people who love a particular band or individual, it can also cause friction between those who love a type of music and those who don’t.

The Beatles are generally accepted as being one of the great musical forces of the 20th Century but in a recent article entitled ‘Beatles Final Song Released: Now Can We Let It Be?’ our writer expressed her own personal opinion calling them ‘the drab four’.

She suggested that the releases of an until now overlooked last number Now and Then was really the thin end of the wedge and that contemporaries, the Rolling Stones were much more exciting and entertaining.

This certainly encouraged a number of responses from readers which you can read below and go to the Euro Weekly News website to read the original story and let us know if you agree or disagree.

John Zennon

Instant Karma’s gonna get you

Gonna look you right in the face

Better get yourself together darlin’

Join the human race

Lyrics by John Lennon from the song “Instant Karma”!

D Bath

“… the Drab Four are possibly one of the most over-rated bands in music history.” What an absurd piece of rubbish is this article – written by some nobody.

Stephane de Leng

I’m adding to this because the latest song, not album, in fact the last song is very poor. Like much of some of the other musicians mentioned here. It is sad because it gives the Beatle bashers leverage. All bands and musicians have bad songs. I’m not going into details but believe I could. My take is that the Beatles that are left did this as a kind of eulogy. Just leave it be. And please don’t pretend to be a music expert critic. I am very sad that so much nastiness comes out so easily. Don’t we have enough problems?

I think this vitriol is out of order. A totally one-sided out pouring of negativity. And I guess you are going to praise the latest Rolling Stones album. A bit of balance please.

S Ede

Unlike Emna Mitchell, who has obviously had a bad day, I’m looking forward to buying the Beatles last record, they have given a lot of pleasure over the years.


I can also assure you that several great composers have given their findings about the song, it would have been better that you did read them first before posting your negativity.

Respect is what this group has earned many years ago and still have from many fans but also performers all over the world. It is still better for me to know that before girls were screaming for them and not taking drugs to go and see their preferred group of musicians.

And as the song ends you can hear these words “your welcome”. All the songs from The Beatles reflected positivity.

Geoff Atkins

No, no and thrice no. If you want to hear regurgitation of Beatle-esque songs just go out and buy a couple of Liam Gallagher albums. Sorted. To coin a well-known phrase, “Let it Be.”

Brian Wall

It certainly sounds like a Beatles song but is nothing special, just another pop song. I don’t know why they did it, maybe just because the technology now allowed them to include Lennon? Most Beatles songs sound dated today although at the time they were superb.

Tim McMahon

It is good Now and Then but Hey Jude and Imagine are better.

Judy Breadmore

From a Beatles fan… it’s very dated.

Richard Webb

I heard it this afternoon and thought it was crap. Most overrated band ever.

Peter Mack

Its good, but… just a b-side

Bill Shearer

Definitely not needed.

Eleni Lolkema

Fabulously written piece…..but I guess you have stepped on a lot of toes…

Mark Free

Not the same just 2 of them

Graham Howells

The Drab Four? How old are you and how many bands today get anywhere near the sensation they were at the time?

Marshall Jones

Drab four…what an idiotic comment about a group that created sensation, played ‘UP’ energy, and inspired the oppressed worldwide. Plus advancing the arts of recording music and championing the cause of Black America.

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