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ON December 31, 2023, we suggested that water will be the most precious asset in 2024 (visit the Euro Weekly News website to read the story) and this attracted a large number of reader’s comments.

Many believe that the main reason is the amount of development that has taken place over the past 20 years and as soon as there is a shortage of rain, the reservoirs simply can’t cope.

Others suggest that the growing number of golf courses sees even more water being used in order to ensure that the courses stay green and this encourages more tourists.

Andalucia’s population has grown hugely since 1961 and they are still encouraging tourists even though they are suffering a significant shortage of water. Surly if the area is running out of water they should be discouraging people from visiting the place at present.

Sheree Ruiz

Sheree Ruiz and build more storage facilities

Michael Lindsay

And not to forget all the new developments that are being built !!!

Surely if there was a problem with supply that should reflect in the planning permissions given to developers in my opinion.

Glenn Aland

Glenn Aland duh, that’s too sensible!!

Nigel Baker

Because of all the new building an easy option would be to increase the size of the reservoirs where possible, a few days with a JCB, not expensive.

Jenny Church

For sure it will be

Trisha Rodgers

Water has always been the most precious asset and there’s still people irrigating their gardens with potable water whilst mine looks half dead due to lack of rainfall. And I expect golf courses are still being irrigated, though allegedly 80% use recycled water. What about the other 20%?

Brenda Jones

Water, or the lack of it in the right places, will destroy the world .

Norman Waterhouse

Never seen so little rain in 10 years of living in Spain.

There’s definitely a big problem

Particularly for farmers .

But maybe they are to blame in the 1st place .

There were rivers in this area before intensive farming and ploughing dust .

Ruby’s Kennels

Agenda 30!

Amanda Isbitt

Can someone tell me why there’s millions of litres of clean water running in to the sea at Kalafto every day for years?

Donald Delanougerede

Our town near Martos had overnight cuts for weeks. A week ago the cuts have started again this time earlier than midnight. Told not to empty swimming pools or if empty not to fill them. Tonight for New Year the water is not rationed.

Tim McMahon

Tim McMahon but it does fall mainly on the plain.

Andrew Field

Andrew Field How musical a reply but it a drought everywhere. Affecting everything, agriculture and house supplies. We should be singing “Singing in the Rain” but not any for months.

Tim McMahon

Maybe golf courses can spare some of the water they use to keep their greens so green.

Michael Hannis

Michael Hannis most golf courses use re sanitised water not clean water.

Lisa Blyth

Lisa Blyth you don’t think that water would be better used on food crops?

Michael Hannis

Michael Hannis how about no more private swimming pools?

Eleni Lolkema

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