Alcoholics Anonymous

What do you do when you just can’t stop drinking alcohol?

Many of us choose the beginning of the year to try and cut back, or stop drinking all together; and, for a lot of people a “Dry January” isn’t a problem. However, there are those who will have found it difficult, or even impossible! Who despite promising a loved one they would reduce their alcohol consumption; maybe for health and financial reasons, or to save a relationship; they couldn’t make it past the end of the first week, or even the first day.

What is the answer when you just can’t seem to give up the booze? When the idea of going a day without alcohol terrifies you, never mind a whole month.

Millions of people worldwide, struggle with problems related to alcohol use. If you often drink more or for longer than you planned too; have tried to cut back (or stop) and found you couldn’t; drink to deal with feelings and emotions; or if your drinking is interfering with your life – your responsibilities, relationships, finances, or health. Then you could have a problem with alcohol.

There is a solution, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a 12 Step fellowship support group, that has helped people all over the world, with their problem drinking. If the consequences of your alcohol use are getting too much, if you are ready to stop drinking, or want support to help you try, then don’t wait until it gets any worse.

Lizzie and Nate; two members of Alcoholics Anonymous who both started drinking in their early teens; talk about how following the suggestions given to them in AA, has changed their lives, for the better.

Lizzie – “I started drinking in my early teens, and it was superb! It made me feel like a grown up. My drinking was a problem from the very start. I first came to AA when I was 25 years old, following an assault, that was 100% the fault of alcohol.

For the first 18 years, I would gain a period of sobriety, and then follow it with a relapse. Each relapse it got worse. The last time was horrific because my children saw me drunk and out of control, I felt like I was a monster in their eyes.

Since then, I have committed to the 12-step program, as was suggested to me, and as a result I have changed the way I think. I sometimes wish I had ‘got it’ the first time, but that was not my journey and there is a reason for that.

My life now is manageable. My ego is under control, in its box. I needed to change the way I thought, to enable me to be happy.”

Nate – “My drinking got started when I was about 14. I was never able to make the equation that it was alcohol that was the cause of my problems. I had lost girlfriends, then wives! They had all pointed out that a big part of our relationship problems was that I did not drink normally. I lost my driver’s licence because of driving drunk. I lost my friends because I beat them up whilst drunk. It was not until my current wife gave up on me, that I sought help in AA.

That was 10 years ago. By following the suggestions given freely to me, I know that I never have to drink again. To anyone struggling with alcohol, I would suggest finding a local AA meeting as soon as possible, we can’t do this alone, we need help.”

There are meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, with friendly people who will understand, held daily throughout the Costa del Sol. Meetings are free to attend, and anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol is welcome.

Call the English-speaking AA helpline for support: +34 600 379 110 or visit the website for help and information:


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