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Since I haven’t moaned to you all for some time I’ve got a bit a backlog of things that get on my nerves and stuff that’s just not right.

For instance, what’s all this nonsense about a cashless society? Who does it benefit? Only big brother governments, banks and people that want to control everything we do. Many will say it helps stop tax evasion. Well bitcoin has already got round that one apparently. And what tax evaders? The girl that washes your hair at the hairdressers? The waiter that serves you that you bung a couple of euros to? I’ve already been told by a couple of waiters that they aren’t allowed to add a tip to your bill if you are paying by card, too much admin for the owner. I’ve watched people pay 80c on a card to park. It must cost more than that to process payment.

But I’m also worried about the bigger picture. What if ‘they’ actually want to control how much you spend? For example, you go to buy a new pair of trainers, you present your card and up comes a message in the shop and on your phone – ‘You’ have already purchased three pairs of trainers this month. This purchase exceeds your limit. Please try again in three months.’ Ridiculous? I don’t think so. Just think about how many times you are discussing some product and suddenly you get these products, or similar, appearing on your phone apps like Facebook or Instagram.  Lots of people complain about things that happen on social media but forget one thing – we are not the customer, we are the product .We’re being sold and traded to massive corporations and there is nothing you can do about it unless you get rid of all your technology. Be warned – remember Mr Grumpy’s words of wisdom.

Anyone watch Martin Lewis? He’s a great consumer warrior. But it made me think how things have changed from when, in 2011, he was advising how to get 20% discount on your duvet purchase to now how he’s desperately telling you how not to get evicted, manage to eat and heat your house at the same time. I fear for our kids.

Also, how come fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? And why do all aerosols pack up when only half used and it doesn’t matter how hard you shake just a feeble dribble just comes out?

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Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.


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      Wanted to know how to find a girl in Las Vegas. Micheal Sid no probs and stuck a black Amex to his forehead it worked.

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