Flying Cars: Mass appeal or elite toy?

Almeria's view of flying cars

Jean Michel Jarre next to a flying car Credit: KleinVision

After Jean Michel Jarre’s maiden voyage in a flying car, we sought opinions from four residents and visitors of Costa Blanca North.

“Considering that both a driver’s licence and a pilot’s licence, as well as three months of instruction, are required to operate them, do you think flying cars will become popular in the coming years or will they simply remain another ‘rich person’s toy’?”

Wealthy enthusiasts

Adrienne Frizelle, a thirteen-year American resident in Spain now living in San Juan Beach, Alicante, shared her perspective: “I think flying cars will be a toy for the wealthy who are also smart and want to be “early adopters” of new technologies. I have a friend who gets the newest mobile phone as soon as it’s available, drives a Tesla, and owns a GoPro and a flying drone with a camera. He works in cybersecurity and is a former military. I believe he would take the time to get his pilot’s licence to be ready when this technology is available”.

Adrienne Frizelle

Sceptical outlook

Nuria Alvarez, a secondary school English teacher from Madrid, currently exploring Altea and Benidorm, expressed scepticism: “In order for me to feel more optimistic towards this new means of transport, it would take much more than just the dreamlike concept of flying on your own without being stuck in traffic. Or will there be traffic jams as well but , this time, up in the air?? I believe there are more questions than answers and therefore I see this flying car business a little bit of a grey area at the moment. This is the opinion of a misinformed Spanish citizen always willing to know more about this issue”.

Nuria Alvarez

Regulation concerns

Francisco Garcia, a temporary resident in Alicante due to his work in the film & entertainment industry, remarked: “It’s clear that it will be a toy for the rich and will also require regulations and standards to be used internationally. There is still a long way to go for that technology to be established and not be chaotic. Otherwise, imagine the mess it would be when flying cars collide in the air above the streets”.

Francisco Garcia

Accessibility concerns

Eva A. Dubois, a Spanish and English translator from Seville visiting El Campello, offered her perspective: “I don’t think it’s something that will become popular for many years, not only because a pilot’s licence and course are required, but also because of the price and the fact that it can’t be parked anywhere. I believe there’s still a long way to go before there’s a model that’s useful for the general public, but it’s definitely a big step forward. Whenever there are advancements like this, it’s initially made as something exclusive, and over the years, it becomes more affordable”.

Eva A. Dubois

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