Yet another stupid PC brigade decision

WOULDN’T it be wonderful if just one week would pass without some blood boiling, virtually incomprehensible decision by the PC or ‘uman rights brigade?

What happened to all those promises (hah!) from our esteemed leaders to stamp out the, often dangerous nonsense, issuing from the obscure offices of a race of individuals who reside on a totally different planet from the rest of us?

Safe to say this week has been no exception.

Yet another toe rag has escaped being thrown out of the country because it would breach his ‘human rights’.

This hate filled psychopath was jailed for aiding the failed July 21st bombers, who sought to repeat the carnage of July 7th. He has now been released after serving just half of his sentence (don’t ask!).

Apparently, although the British government is apparently desperate to deport this object back to his native Ethiopia, they have been told they cannot, because he could face ‘inhumane treatment or punishment’.

To me this decision raises a number of points. Firstly, and most disturbingly, just who are these people, who it appears are free to dictate their wishes to a government elected by and answerable to those of us who put them into power?

Secondly, we only have the word of this human apology as to what his treatment may be were he to be deported back to his own country. And thirdly, who gives a damn? This lump of garbage was part of a plot to cause misery, terror and pain to innocent people in his host country, while he was probably living off the benefits of their generosity.

Who cares what happens to him were he to be slung out? Who cares if they string him up by his proverbials the minute he steps off the plane? To me that would be justice well served anyway. For heaven’s sake get a grip Dave before the country becomes even more the laughing stock of the world than it already is.

Actually my second example of political correctness gone mad is to me even more alarming. It appears that the magazine ‘Nursery World’ has put forward a number of guidelines aimed at children as young as two.

I’ll list a few and you can make up your own mind. Witches, who have traditionally dressed in black since the Wizard of Oz, should now be dressed in different colours. IE pink hats!

Children should be given paper other than white to draw on. Crayons should be in flesh coloured tones and teachers prepared to lie and answer ‘black or brown’ when asked as to their favourite colour. Well, I don’t know about you but I have NEVER come across a two year old racist. It is not our innocent offspring’s, it is this dangerous PC mob that create the divisions in our society. I dunno. I’m going back to bed.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.

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