Warning of Benidorm’s pickpocketing call-girls

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BENIDORM residents are demanding the town hall take action against gangs of street prostitutes pickpocketing people’s valuables in the town.

EWN have been contacted by a long time Benidorm resident Phil Roberts, who lives with his wife in the Rincon area of the town, and has felt so strongly about the worsening situation in the area, that he wants others to be aware of the dangers.

“In the summer months my wife and I counted 13 women who were obviously prostitutes working on Calle Gerona. Now there’s not so many, but two gangs operate,” he said When we asked what he meant by ‘gangs’, he explained that the women were in fact robbing vulnerable tourists by surrounding targets in numbers and fleecing them of valuables.

“When you have three or four women around you all grabbing at you, before you know it your wallet and cash are gone and what can you do about it?” he said.

“Last night (Sunday) my wife and I saw a distraught old man who had just been mugged by these women. He had lost his wife three months ago, and when the women left him he was flustered and upset, and only then did he realize his wife’s wedding ring, which he kept in his pocket, had been stolen.

It’s despicable,” said Phil. “They operate in two gangs at the moment. One outside Rockys or KFC, and the other by Morgan’s tavern, and they surround single men who are more often than not tourists and a bit worse for wear, and grab at them, stealing whatever is in their pockets. The really bad thing is that the police do nothing,” he said. Phil says he reported the robberies 18 months ago and nothing has been done.

“The police come up and down in their cars and it is obvious who the prostitutes – or robbing gangs are – yet they never stop and arrest them. It wouldn’t happen in Britain.” Things are so bad now he says that he canot let his wife walk home from work by herself. Anyone who knows the area will know where prostitutes congregate.

On the Estrada into Altea, the bus stop opposite Arabi Plaza in Alfas, and perennially one solitary girl on the N332 between La Vila and Alicante, outside the closed Venta de Carbon Restaurant. One Dutch woman in her 30s who has asked not to be named, said she now fears for her safety at night in Benidorm.

“I work on the Levante and live up in the Rincon. Years ago there was no problem but now there are Romanian gangs everywhere, and they will hurt you. I walk home in the middle of the road, as I can see these guys gathered in doorways just waiting for their next victim.” The writer witnessed the aftermath of yet another mugging in Benidorm last week, when a man in his 40s was standing outside his hotel in the centre of the town, in broad daylight.

He was talking on his mobile, when two men approached him from behind, kicked him in the back of his knees so that he collapsed forwards, then they hit him several times and stole his mobile and wallet. All in daylight. He was shaken but unhurt.

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    • Karl cawkwell

      24 July 2016 • 18:11

      I have been coming to Benidorm with my young family for over 14 years and I have to say this year did not feel safe due to these lady’s of the nite and all the other robberies going off.as we walked past a group of these prositutes with my teenage and 5 year old daughter I was asked if I wanted business.Sorry but this is not the Benidorm people love ,same with the potato men the police are not doing anything to stop this .i witnessed then rob some one then hand the money to a young lad who in turn took the money to a green bmw. Why can’t the police go under cover to watch then catch this scum many people who we spoke to who go Benidorm year in year out said they will not be back due to the sleazy bars strip clubs and mugging stay have always been happening but have now gone off the scale and like was said people dare not walk the streets at nite ,what a shame and shame on the police and the mayor who said they would sort this out but have not done anything.i can safely say Benidorm is not a family holiday resort anymore .

    • Catherine Mcdonough

      23 August 2016 • 07:34

      Please please help us and do something before your lovely town dies a death, with no tourist coming so people move to some were els to feel safer, I am giving it 1 more try this year if it has not changed I and my family intend to stop going .xx

    • joyce mccabe

      23 August 2016 • 07:54

      i agree not enough is being done to sort this scum out beating people robbing people it’disgusting.last week young lad got drugged beating up and thrown in a ditch only passers by found him unconscious he was in intensive care because of these low life how would you deal wit it if it was your son?

    • Cory

      23 August 2016 • 21:46

      Come on town hall her it sorted

    • Lorraine haynes

      15 November 2016 • 21:13

      Ive just come back from a weekend in benidorm on friday witnessed a prositute had tokk a mans mobile phone on saturday 2 young men were asaulted and mugged by romanians a men tried to help 4 of them picked him up body slammed him to the ground took his phone and wallet a woman told them to give the wallet back they asaulted her the police camd but not interested these people are scum it has put us ofc going again

    • Kaz

      23 June 2017 • 14:29

      Gone Beni for 20 years and used to be great fun. Never ever again. It is so dangerous now. My 73 year old mum got robbed outside Morgans and loads said they had too. man staggering down main street cut to ribbons, skanky prostitutes everywhere mugging gangs of lads. It is like hell. No police anywhere – no doormen on bars. Go somewhere else everyone until it sorts its act out or next time it will be you!


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