Let out early, but sentence goes on for jailed twosome

ALTHOUGH eyebrows were raised and many people were ‘not amused’ at the early release of the Pryce/Huhne duo, strange as it may seem I’m not one of them.

If you are not a member of the habitual criminal fraternity, where prison terms can often raise standing among your peers, and your lifestyle is more centred around those to whom unlawful activity is not accepted as the norm, life can become very difficult indeed.

Although you are no longer gazing out from behind prison bars, your sentence still continues.  It simply changes to a far more complex series of problems, and often severe psychological trauma, which can often last for years.

I speak from personal experience when I can tell you I still occasionally come up against some form of recrimination or discrimination because of my term as a guest of her Majesty, and that was an unbeleivable 40 years ago! 

The immediate aftermath for these two will be traumatic in the extreme. They will discover that their whole social scene will have changed completely. Many who they thought were friends, will blank them. Invitations will become sparse. They will find themselves no longer welcome at many local events, charity dos and so forth.

Even a trip down to the pub can become a traumatic exercise. Sometime after my release, I was actually ejected from my local in Sunningdale while I was sharing a half pint with friends after a game of tennis. At my somewhat feeble protestations as to why? The Landlord and couple of extremely large ‘helpers’ simply told me they didn’t want ‘my type’ in the pub.

At the time I was actually devastated and still find myself affected when I recall the event. Even more recently I lost a 60’s tour because the promoter thought I would be remembered more for my prison term than my three-and-a-half million selling Little Arrows record!

So you get the point. Another three months in the nick wouldn’t have made the slightest difference to these two.  In fact it would probably do ‘em a favour by keeping them away from ‘grim reality’ a while longer.

Believe me, their sentence goes on and unfortunately will for the rest of their days. Pity more than prison would be a more appropriate attitude toward these two. I wish ‘em the best of luck.

I’m delighted to report that part three of my autobiography is finally completed. Only took 30 years!

Hopefully with sponsorship it will be available soon. I’m also delighted to report I have already sold 3,000 copies of Part One and Two. I hope this third offering comes up to standard and expectations. I’ll let ya know when it ‘escapes’ 

A multitude of love and congrats to my lovely daughter Charlene. Pregnant at last after seven years of ‘practice’. You’ve made an old grump very happy.

Keep the Faith
Love Leapy 
[email protected]

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    • teddyboy

      18 May 2013 • 13:12

      Hi Lee
      Yes My ol’ mate than can bear a grudge for many a year, for something you did & today would not even give cause to Police to attend as to minor. But different in those days
      However while they continue to punish you for an offence not worth Police bother today :
      In paper today we have given asylum to a Person who admits to killing 400 people in Kenya !!!!!!!
      Get Free house & after 10 years living in Birmingham he says looking for work. Receives Free House & all rest of Perks. But new one on Me. Did not know NASS existed Full name National Asylum Seekers Association !!! The give him £160 per month Pocket Money ON TOP of everything else he receives. Obviously cannot send him back if they wanted to as against his Human Rights :: He is Human ?????? After Killing at least 400 Men ; Women ; Children
      Then you scratch someone’s arm & NOT against your Human Rights to be excluded from Tour !!!!
      UK, Europe & World has gone mad
      However Lee as ever Wish you & Family all the Best & Charlene REWARDED for all her Practice !!!!!!!!!!
      Ol’ Mate Colin
      The Forever (UK) TeddyBoy

    • Welsh Dragon

      20 May 2013 • 12:06

      Leapy is 100% correct. I served a short prison sentence in 1987 and continue to pay the price. So called “friends” dropped me and my brother continues to ostracise me i.e. no birthday or Christmas cards and no contact. I lost my job and was unemployed for 12 months. Two later jobs were badly paid and my employers took advantage of my ex-con status. I obtained well paid work eight years after being released. I considered an Open University Degree Course but rejected the idea on the grouind that my conviction would debar career advancement. The only factor stopping me having a nervous breakdown was that my late parents were very supportive.


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