Time to lock up the evil hate preachers before blood flows

I CAN’T remember how many yonks ago I warned that until the clerics of hatred ceased teaching their followers that Islamists who murder ‘Kuffers’ or ‘Infidels’ would go straight to paradise, this despicable radicalisation of gullible young men and women would ultimately escalate into open warfare and blood in the streets.

Let’s hope last week’s atrocity isn’t the fore-runner of the prophecy! Just how many more innocents need to be slaughtered before our lily-livered leaders actually do something about these despicable clerics?

The arrogant, cowardly psychopaths, who are even guiltier than the young robots who do their killings for them. 

They are individuals of evil, who deserve no rights whatsoever, either in Britain, or indeed any other of the western civilizations they obviously despise.

Anyone who preaches murder, as an option to religious understanding and tolerance, should be immediately deported or locked up.

Nor, I hasten to add, should they be offered the opportunity to use legal system benefits, which enable their defence to claim millions of the state’s finances, ironically put in place by the very people they hate and despise.

Those deported should, if they feel an injustice has been served, be given every encouragement to fight their case from their country of origin. Those with British citizenship should be tried for treason, with a limit put on the amount of legal fees they can claim.

Internet sites allowing these people to appear or broadcast from any hole they happen to be skulking in, should be brought to the attention of Google etc. and, if the offending web sites are not blocked, these servers should then be deemed as guilty as the preachers themselves and punished accordingly.  Seen any flying ‘cerdo’ lately?

While we’re about it, what about a word in the ear of TV’s Channel 4?  Forget the BBC. To me Channel Four is fast emerging to be almost as biased and anti-anything British as Al Jazeera!  Some of the interviews it broadcasts are so nasty, particularly many conducted by the sneering newscaster Guru-Murthy, that even those being interviewed are often seen to be physically shocked by the sarcasm and left wing inferences, often contained in the very questions themselves.

I don’t wish to appear undemocratic, but we are embroiled in a war.  If today’s ‘uman rights and PC policies had been in place during the Second World War, we’d have allowed Lord Haw Haw to send out his messages of hatred from the studios of Radio Two. (‘There follows a party political broadcast!?’) Don’t these people have to apply for licences? Surely some pressure could be applied before granting these media outlets the opportunity to broadcast their anti-western propaganda, at least until the war against this extremely dangerous enemy has been well and truly victorious.

I dunno sometimes I do despair of it all.

Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy.   

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