Heartbreaking images, but leave them to it

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I  KNOW the pictures and news items emanating from the Middle East can be heart-breaking and often truly horrifying, but it’s high time Western govern-ments left them all alone to simply get on with it.

Unless they pose a direct threat to our security, the only way these people will move on, is by destroying each other until the strongest are the only ones left standing. The Islamic calendar is in their 14th century and that is where they are in their evolution.

No matter who comes out on top, they will never accept Western morals or our civilized ideals and opinions of justice and peaceful problem negotiations. Whoever ‘wins’ will still believe men are the superior sex and women second- class citizens who should be stoned to death or beheaded for adultery.

Whoever occupies the portals of power will still look on the West as infidels who should be eliminated at the earliest opportunity. How-ever ‘moderate’ the elected leaders are supposed to be, they will never allow alternative religions to flourish side by side with their own bigoted beliefs.

No, whatever we think about these often horrific activities, in the final analysis no one will thank us for taking sides by awarding us with lucrative rebuilding projects, or gratuitously bunging us an unlimited supply of oil. 

The only thing Western inter-ference will ultimately gain is more hatred and enmity. We should withdraw all our troops, all our armaments and all our aid. We should then use all our consider-able state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities to carefully monitor every move they make.

One of the biggest reasons Mid- Easterners give for their terrorist attacks against the West, is our interference in their affairs. Well let’s stop interfering and observe what they finally decide to do. Don’t give them any excuse for their terrorist atrocities and see if they stop.

Unfortunately, I am convinced these excuses for attacking us at home are just that. Convenient excuses. Despite all the rhetoric about moderate factions, Islamists are taught from their Koran that it is their duty to spread the Muslim religion throughout the world, by whatever means possible.

Both recent and past history shows us that most of their conquests and conversions are achieved through sometimes unimaginable and often extremely primitive cruelty and violence. 

At least if they continued their aggression after we ceased ‘interfering’ it would shut up the Western moderate and ‘goody goody’ brigade and unite the rest of the world into a single force that can come to grips with the problem and settle it once and for all.

Have a good day. Keep the faith.

Love Leapy

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    • Teddy Boy

      21 June 2013 • 14:40

      Agree we are completely crazy to to try & sort it out :: See Tony Blair our Greatest War Monger has said we should send in the Troops where & whenever necessary !!! Think he must be Lobbying for “The Arms Dealers” who sell to BOTH sides
      Cheers Colin


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