Layabouts get comeuppance

WORK-SHY: Some even consider having to sign on a chore.

WHAT a wonderful budget result for decent hard-working citizens and what a glorious comeuppance for the layabouts, who wheedle, sponge, and indeed consider it their right to exist on taxpayers’ money!
After all the propaganda and bribes the left-wing politicians have been using to buy these idlers votes for years, the benefit wastes of space have at last received the truth, namely that they are deluded, despised and downright hated by the majority of British citizens.
Ironically, it was probably the left-leaning Channel 4 who, by somehow trying to glamorise these people in the Benefit Street documentaries, attracted a whole deluge of Cameron votes from Labour and Liberal supporters appalled that the likes of ‘White Dee’ and her bunch of apparent wasters could possibly be able to continue their worthless existence.
The sheer arrogance and blatant work-shy attitude of these social misfits, was enough to change anyone’s political loyalties. I would actually like to go even further. Amongst other measures, I would bring in compulsory sterilisation for the single mothers churning out children by unknown fathers purely to receive child benefits.
Pictures of these self-righteous women, surrounded by Lord knows how many kids, is an affront to responsible parents who often restrict their families, purely because they know their income cannot support more offspring, even if they would perhaps enjoy a larger family. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not against a fair benefit system for those genuinely in need. What I am opposed to are those who adopt Giros and handouts as a lifestyle. Like those who think it clever to fall out of bed in the early afternoon, and consider signing on a chore. I’d like to be one of the undoubtedly many flies on their wall, when they wake up one morning and realise that in order to feed themselves and their families they will actually need to get a job.
Ain’t life suddenly grand? Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.
Beware of Greeks bearing nothing. Practically a whole nation looking for even more handouts. Also the beginning of the end of yet another German dream of a United Europe – with them at the helm. Great.

Keep the faith, Love Leapy

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    • Sylvan mason

      19 July 2015 • 00:51

      I agree with the above

    • graham

      17 July 2015 • 09:51

      totally agree with nearly all your articles. you should be prime minister.

    • Mike

      19 July 2015 • 09:15

      Welfare is pulling down out NHS, Police force and making the UK a country of money grabbing scroungers so any clamp down on welfare is a good move to me. I remember sitting in the company of a woman talking about some change that was made in the amount of money that was paid to a family per child, there was some cutback several years ago for something and she was complaining about it… this woman had (still has) a large house in the country, doesn’t need to work, her with her husband have 2 large 4 x 4’s (His a Toyota Land Crusier), a very large mobile home and take summer holidays to France every year (along with other shot hops). It is not just the lazy, don’t want to work that are spongers, many people with money are also… as also shown by expenses grabbing politicians. These people (and you can see it when they interview people talking in their favor) think they are entitled to this money, they think it is a birth right that they can take it, well obviously Tony Blair has made them think this way as he handing out all the money we are now paying back so he could continue to get votes, there are many reasons why money is handed out and it all needs to stop now. Why should others pay because someone was not responsible and had 1, 2 or more children, they should pay for their children! Why should others pay for lazy ass who isn’t interested in working! Why should the NHS pay for breast enlargement, these people need to pay for it themselves…. and on, and on, and on.

    • Frankie

      20 July 2015 • 19:16

      Our children are our future so who do you think it will be caring for you in your old age, paying your pension and so on. In a civilized society we should look after everybody. I do wonder about expenses for MPs that exceed many times the basic unemployment benefit. They claim more for meals that Incapacity benefit. Try managing on £ 79 . The current British Government by issuing propaganda about scroungers which is untrue is creating an atmosphere of hate and destruiste of the poorest in society. I just hope you never have to be come dependient because of age job loss or disability . Shame on you.

    • Mike

      21 July 2015 • 18:48

      You have no idea what you are talking about Frankie, either you are a cookie short of a full packet or you are one of those people that expect handouts. If we did not pay out the frighteningly huge amount we pay out giving to people who shouldn´t get we could afford to look after our elderly better and have a better NHS such as a modern civilised country would expect to have, there is no shame on me, don´t give them a penny more and put the money into elderly care and the NHS.

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