What the hell have we done?

TRAVELLING EXPERIENCE: The whole thing is now a security-blighted nightmare.

WE’VE brought people into our society who are totally alien to the Christian celebration

And so this is Christmas and what the hell have we done? What we’ve done, is to bring hundreds of thousands of individuals into our society who not only couldn’t give a damn, but are totally alien to the whole Christian celebration.

Instead of the normal warm feelings of unity and goodwill, we have now managed to introduce into our midst a bunch of aliens, most of whom would prefer to see the whole event banned altogether. And you can feel it. Something is missing. 

Great chunks of our towns and cities are not only ignoring the whole joyous occasion, but are no doubt decrying it. And still they arrive in droves. 

Yet another section of our western culture and lifestyle is being eroded by immigrants, many of whom are at best cowardly deserters and at worst Islamic terrorists infiltering our society with a view to spreading death and destruction among us. 

Slowly but surely the Islamic extremists are bringing more and more gloom into our existence. Flying used to be great fun. How many can remember when the plane reached cruising height the pilots would open the door and invite all and sundry into the cockpit for a magical treat? 

The whole travelling experience is now a security-blighted nightmare. Tubes, buses, even music concerts and sporting occasions, are overshadowed by the possibility that some of its attendees may never see their loved ones again. Is this what our forefathers gave life and limb for? We’ve insulted their memories. 

In our complacency, we have wasted the precious sacrifices they gave to ensure we would live in a democracy, not afraid to speak out, free and safe from danger in the sanctuary of our homelands.

Our leaders have betrayed them all.  And for those of you who still feel we should let all these people in regardless, I’ve just read a report of 52 tonnes of arms and ammunition, found by the Greek border control in imported containers meant to be holding furniture to ‘make life bearable’ and ‘ease the discomfort’ of the ‘refugees’. 

Well I hope this ‘offends’ all of them.
Happy Christmas
Keep the faith
Love Leapy.  
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    • Jonathan

      30 December 2015 • 00:11

      On the other hand. And so this is Xmas and what the hell have we done to deserve this? We’ve allowed hundreds of thousands of individuals into our societies who not only couldn’t give a damn but are totally alien to our whole Islamic way of life. Great chunks of our towns and cities are being bombed flat. And still the bombs arrive in droves. Yet another section of our Eastern culture and lifestyle is being destroyed by invaders all of whom are war mongering bastards and Western Corporate terrorists attacking our society with a view to spreading death and destruction among us. Slowly but surely the Xmas extremists are bringing more and more gloom into our existence. The whole travelling experience to escape this slaughter is now a nightmare.
      And for those of you who feel that we in the West have no responsibility in all of this I’ve just read a report of 12,000 oil trucks heading into Turkey, A NATO ally, the proceeds of which are being used to arm the ISIS in order to make life unbearable and increase the discomfort of the refugees.Well I hope this offends all of you xenophobic arm chair warriors out there in NeverNever land. Keep up the delusion.

    • cctv

      30 December 2015 • 13:36

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    • Ds

      30 December 2015 • 19:44

      And your remedy is ?

    • holly

      31 December 2015 • 11:33

      Nato ally my ass

    • Ian terry

      02 January 2016 • 02:23

      What about all those countries that we as nation colonised then imposed our culture and beliefs on those people inhabiting these countries. maybe it’s simply payback time?
      the so called Islamic State is using terrorist tactics to form an Islamic state but surely that is exactly what the Jews did in Palestine to create the Israel
      I.m an aetheist who believes that all religions are based on stories and all these problems are caused because people who have specific religions can not agree on which of these stories are true and which are not.
      In the past we British forced people to adopt our culture and beliefs often in the most cruel and violent way.
      In Spain the inquisitors used extreme violence to ensure their form of worship and only their form of worship was practised in Spain.
      we complain about immigrants yet in the past we brought them in in numbers to act as unpaid servants.
      We participated vigorously in the slave trade to the Americas. Historically we have been some of the worlds worst offenders when it comes to imposing our beliefs on others.l

      oh how times have changed

    • Mike Sebastian

      02 January 2016 • 19:33

      Ian. I take it that you would feel comfortable with losing a member of your family to assuage you sense of white guilt or is it only other people’s lives you are prepared to sacrifice? I would refer you to 4000 years of history and the Balfour declaration. The “Jews” we’re fighting to survive in their own country so I’m not sure what parallel you are trying to make here. The Spanish Inquisition was a political solution to a political problem. Queen Isabella found herself in such an impossible situation due to other people thinking as you seem to do – badly! England was one of the first countries to abolish slavery and the Umah still practice it so I’m not sure of your point there. I would take issue with Mr Lee as I would posit that it is left wing woolly thinking and cultural Marxism that has destroyed Christmas rather than immigrants.

    • Ian terry

      02 January 2016 • 23:33


      I enjoy Christmas as a festive occasion.
      my point in a nutshell is that religion in their variety of forms is the cause of most strife in the world today.
      My reference to Israel is merely pointing out that this is a state that was formed as a result of acts of terrorism.
      finally no matter how you dress it up the Spanish Inquisition was based on religion.

    • Mike Sebastian

      03 January 2016 • 08:51

      Ian, I’m glad you enjoy Christmas. Thank you for clarifying your point. I believe Mr Lee was lamenting the irrevocable loss of Judeo/Christian culture and the effect that multiculturalism has had on our society. I would refer you to my last sentence above, you are a perfect example of my point. Since the end of the second world war it has been the movement of our societies in Europe toward the progressive Left and the rise of Cultural Marxism that has destroyed our society. The first thing that they attacked was our ability to think for ourselves. (as you have so kindly demonstrated). The present situation has been caused by the Syrian Gas Pipeline proposed by the Russians. The destabilisation of the Middle East is a political project, not religious. All of the last century’s wars were secular in nature. Only the most superficial interpretation of history would conclude that “Religion is the cause of all war” I admit that it is a popular one but then so was the idea of the earth being flat. I would refer you to investigate the massacres of Jews in Galilee and what the Stern Gang were fighting for. It was political and it was survival.

    • Mike Sebastian

      03 January 2016 • 11:17

      Mr Lee was not discussing the effectiveness of Terrorism as a tool of political change. The Inquisition was set up in response to an infiltration of Spanish society by a highly motivated and corrosive death cult which was not based on race and had destroyed Spain and the world economy for the previous thousand years. The truth of history cannot always be found in the most convenient statements. Sometimes you have to look a little deeper.


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