I’ve had this up to the eyeballs

migrants: the influx has reached ridiculous proportions.

DON’T you just long for the days when we were all enjoying peace and happiness?

TO tell you the truth, I’ve just about had this entire refugee, migrant, ‘Arab Spring’ business up to the eyeballs. 

Don’t you just long for those wonderful days when we were all enjoying the peace and happiness so many of our forefathers gave life and limb for?  Days when Jihad, Burkas and affairs of the Middle East were far far away, in lands that had no more impact on our daily existence than a few snowflakes on a summer’s day. 

Wouldn’t it be paradise, just to awaken and realise it was simply all a nightmare? Well I’m afraid those days of peace and happiness are well and truly over. The influx of migrants has now reached ridiculous proportions, and still the do gooders try to make those who seek to discourage this onslaught feel bad and unfeeling. 

To be honest I can’t really blame some of them. Not when the media (especially the BBC) continually put the tales of tragedy and human trauma to the forefront of their reports. 

Why don’t they give more air time to the rioting in Germany, with large mobs of men of ‘Asian appearance’ attacking police with any missile they can lay their hands on? (Wait till someone starts handing out the Kalashnikovs!) 

The wrecked migrant trains, covered in graffiti with their smashed windows, destroyed furnishings and toilets literally overflowing with excreta. The young, able-bodied men of ‘Asian appearance,’ disdainfully throwing donated food back into the bewildered faces of kindly souls, because it was considered ‘unclean’. 

The men of ‘Arab and North African appearance,’ marauding through supermarkets hurtling insults and lifting the skirts of female shoppers. In heaven’s name, how do the authorities think it’s all going to end? 

I’m not trying to stir up hatred, I’m trying to bring some common sense into the equation. Sooner or later, the most volatile of the local populace will take matters into their own hands, more out of frustration than hatred. 

We can then prepare ourselves for the ‘Blood Rivers’ Enoch Powell tried so hard to warn us against. Are we listening now?!

 The innocent children are of course an exception. I believe we should endeavour to save as many of them as we possibly can.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy  
[email protected]  

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    • Roy Peters

      07 February 2016 • 00:10

      Well said Harry!!!!!

    • Ian Terry

      04 February 2016 • 12:14

      Unfortunately the do gooders are only interested in what they see and what they do without considering the big picture.
      The young men who threw the food back probably did regard it as unclean but doesn’t, this demonstrate what I have said all along.that Islam is not compatible with our way of life and culture.
      It also clearly demonstrates a lack of gratitude
      The writer last week has obviously not spent much time with Muslims or worked with them otherwise he would know this, And to state that 99% of Muslims are peaceful people like us then he is also dilusional


    • Brian Eagleson

      04 February 2016 • 12:25

      Ha, ha, ha! Aw Leapy you’re so funny. You’ve actually written that you’ve “just about had this entire refugee… (etc)… business up to the eyeballs”!

      Leapy my son, in case you haven’t noticed, YOU’re the very one that keeps BANGIN’ on about it so much in the first place! Give us a break, will ya! Hee, hee. There’s a dead easy way to put an end to being fed up with it. Stop WRITING about it and give us somethin’ else for a change! Woo, hoo!… What a joke. Somebody pass me those tissues…

      I do agree on one thing with you though. We’re the luckiest generation that’s ever lived. Soaking up the sun and “enjoying the peace and happiness” like you say… Y’know, compared with the deprivations of food rationing and two world wars suffered by our forefathers we’re living like kings! Yep, I think most people would agree with us.

      Lemme see, what age are you now Leapy? Born in July 1939. That’ll make you 77 this summer. You must have had a great life Leapy. Full of fun and games. Why not share some of your good times with us for a change instead of constantly outdoing grumpy ol’ Victor Meldrew 😉

      Keep the faith…

    • Brian Eagleson

      04 February 2016 • 12:43

      Hmm, I guess you’ve obviously got so much experience of them yourself that you speak with some authority on the subject? Want to borrow my copy of the Koran if yours is getting a bit dog-eared?

    • Roy Peters

      04 February 2016 • 16:05

      It is going to take some time Leapy, but eventually as the Muslims get bolder, the less intelligent among us will see what is really happening and regret their complacency.

    • Brian Eagleson

      04 February 2016 • 18:11

      Back between the two biggest wars so far an entire worldwide religious faith was greatly feared hated and blamed for much that was only the fault of a few. The people of one country in particular rose up against them, set fire to their homes and businesses, rounded them up, imprisoned them in camps where they were starved, gassed and murdered – including their children – and went to war.

      Today another entire religious faith (who actually worship the same God as that other one!) are also being feared and hated and blamed for much that is only the fault of a few.

      Y’know, even CHRISTIANS also worship the same God as these other two faiths! Some of the same prophets – including Jesus – appear in their scriptures! How ironic, eh? Three different religous faiths – one God – and some of the believers (and even non-believers!) still fight each other to this day…

      But then I’ve never really had much “faith” in some humans’ powers of reasoning – or intelligence.

      Keep the… er… faith.

    • Ian Terry

      04 February 2016 • 23:05

      Sure have, Been there done it and got the T shirt

    • Brian Eagleson

      05 February 2016 • 09:48

      Many here, Leapy included, are peddling a fiction that I and others like me are somehow complacent, naive or even blissfully ignorant about this. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      It is patently obvious we are facing the biggest human crisis ever – 250,000 killed – 4.5 million displaced – another 70,000 fleeing Aleppo only today! (5 Feb) More people on the move than the world has ever seen! All caused by a war over which we have little or no control. I warned you before “how we respond to this will shape our world”.

      I cannot stress enough that it is VITAL for the future of humanity that every one of us knows the difference between Fundamentalist Jihadist Criminals and the Muslim people as a whole! It’s not difficult.

      IRA terrorists did their dirty deeds over many decades blowing up crowded pubs, and even Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet in the Brighton Bombing. Anders Breivik killed 77 young people and injured 319. Timothy McVeigh detonated a truck bomb killing 168 and injuring 680 plus. White supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan killed and terrorised all over the US. The list is endless and began with the stone age! Note though – these are pale-skinned terrorists. But we don’t mistrust all pale-skinned people because of them. That would be plain silly.

      EXTREMISTS have always been the problem – extremists of EVERY colour and creed! So why do so many, Leapy included, ignore that fact and single out one particular race? There’s a word for that.

      Keep the faith…

    • Harry Bradfield

      06 February 2016 • 16:07

      Ahem….. more people on the move than the world has ever seen…. I think you’ll find there are more Chinese on the move this New Years week and not a single one is trying to invade Europe nor change the culture of Europe either. WHy don’t we just stand up to these Muslims and say NO! Enough is enough and it’s time Saudi Arabia did something for their ” fellow ” Muslims instead of leaving it all to Europe.

    • Brian Eagleson

      07 February 2016 • 01:06

      Aw Harry. God help you son.

      China is on the other side of the world. It’s on holiday, not at war. Syria is on your Mediterranean doorstep. It’s at war, not on holiday.

      If you can not distinguish the difference then there is nothing I can do.

    • Brian Eagleson

      07 February 2016 • 09:56

      Roy. Harry here seemingly doesn’t know the difference between people on holiday and refugees from war zones. In addition, if he thinks Saudi Arabia, a single country, can take all the refugees in addition to it’s existing population while the 28 countries of the EU do nothing then he just doesn’t understand anything about arithmetic or even simple human decency!

      He ignores the utter complexity of the situation completely in order to make the most simplistic, idiotic argument I have ever set eyes on! This is the type of person Leapy’s arguments appeal to. Not mine. I’m wasting my time with him and also with you it would seem.

    • David Jones

      07 February 2016 • 14:59

      I think that was a good analogy to compare the Jewish refugees from war stricken Europe, with the poor folk now fleeing the war in Syria.
      There is a difference of course, the Jews were mostly educated, hardworking and respectful of their host country. They were damn grateful to be given a home.
      They worked hard and build a new life.
      They did not demand Payment, Housing, Medication. They did not trash trains, Rape our womenfolk, Murder our citizens without provocation. They did not demand that we changed our ancient laws, to comply with their view of law. Nor did they demand that we respect their religion and their prophets.
      It is true that not all refugees are militants, but there are enough to unnerve the existing population of their host countries.
      The new refugees were born in tyranny and suffered the consequence of the medieval mayhem, that prevails in the Middle East. (Yes I have lived and worked there myself.) It is tragic that they have no concept of the peaceful and respectful society of their host countries. If they are willing, they will learn in time. But it does appear that those that are second and third generation want to return to the war zone and even expect the west to convert to their misguided ways of living life.
      All is not well in the world today and it will get worse before it will get better for sure.

    • Brian Eagleson

      07 February 2016 • 15:55

      Fair enough Davy. There is no doubt that much of what you say is true. But much of it can be equally applied to many other sections of our increasingly fragmented society. All I am trying to do here is introduce some kind of balance to issues that get stirred up by the publishing of Leapy’s rather extreme opinions in the first place. Nothing wrong with that. After all, it wouldn’t be much fun if he just got it all his own way all the time 😉

      Btw. You should try reading his “unexpurgated” versions on his own website. If you like his EWN articles his totally unfettered opinions will make your eyes water.

      Keep the faith…

    • Brian Eagleson

      07 February 2016 • 16:26

      One thing is for sure. You can all, including Leapy, be absolutely certain that Muslims are here to stay! Get used to it guys. They won’t go away anytime soon 😉

      But “Don’t Panic.. Don’t Panic… Don’t Panic…”
      Especially when it’s just Leapy who keeps on pushing the dam’ Panic Button in the first place every blimmin’ week! Two words for that. Panic Merchant.

      Keep the faith…

    • Mike

      07 February 2016 • 19:01

      Well I think the big difference is maybe because of all other terrorist groups none felt devoted enough to take their own lives to kill others and even take pride/satisfaction/honor in doing so. Terrorism is horrendous in any form but this type makes a very big difference to the word terrorism and how people react to it, it means now you never know where a bomb will be or what could happen because the person committing the act doesn’t care if they die at the same time nor would any ‘white’ terrorism ever have have had the need to do something on the scale of 9/11.

      Personally the way I think myself and if I was the ‘leader’ of a country, it would be to not even take the smallest chance with this type of terrorism and if that means being hard, cruel, rejectful then I an afraid so be it, there is a lot more at risk here than worrying about not being nice.

    • Roy Peters

      07 February 2016 • 19:42

      Very well said David. Some people still have a lot to learn about these people!!!!!!!!

    • Brian Eagleson

      08 February 2016 • 01:17

      Fair comment Mike. I am in agreement with you once again (don’t faint) 😉 especially the last paragraph. That may surprise you but basically what you say is true and not at odds with me really.

      My only problem is with this panic merchant who keeps saying week-in week-out that it’s all going to end in tears! His actual words last week were “I fear already it may be far too late”! Talk about being defeatist! He’s worse than WW11s Lord Haw Haw!

      By doing so he actually undermines our attempts to show no fear and plays right into their hands! If we display fear then the terrorists can start to think they’re winning. It is imperative that we carry on with our lives as normal and do not give in to them. Behaving normally is all I am trying to achieve here.

      They will be defeated.

      Have no fear 😉

    • Brian Eagleson

      08 February 2016 • 07:30

      It may have come as a big surprise to some that I agree with Mike’s last comment, but it shouldn’t really. He is right in what he says and I have said all along that we should continue to come down hard on the terrorists. Of course we should.

      I can sum up my approach in 3 sentences.
      1. Come down hard on Jihadist terrorists and paramilitary soldiers and defeat them.
      2. Simultaneously show compassion to the millions of civilians fleeing the civil wars in Syria and elsewhere and give them shelter in all 28 countries of the EU.
      3. Keep calm and carry on.

      I defy you to find anything wrong with that Leapy!

    • Brian Eagleson

      08 February 2016 • 08:10

      Spotted this Missing Persons poster on the playa this morning.


      Chirpy wee singer who goes by the name of Leapy Lee.
      Last seen serving drinks and performing in his own bar.
      Appears to have been abducted and replaced with Grumpy old Git in newspaper column.

      If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts please contact the Euro Weekly News.


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