Time to call a spade a spade

THERE ARE: Areas in British cities under Sharia law.

WHY are we all so frightened to speak the truth? These latest so-called ‘gaffs’ by Cameron, and even our dear old Queen (not Elton J, I hasten to add!) are cases in point.

Let’s be quite clear. The Chinese are a rude jumped-up lot. They behaved abominably on their recent state visit. Even threatening to cut their visit short if, among other demands, their hotel wardrobes weren’t painted red!

Furthermore, we do give aid to criminally corrupt and cruel countries, of which Nigeria and Afghanistan are two of the worst.
It is also a proven fact that, although only 12 per cent of London’s men are black, 46 per cent of knife crimes and half of the gun crimes are committed by black males.

There are also areas in British cities under Sharia law. This latest one mind you, really takes the whole tin.

Muslim leaders denying that terrorist attacks are almost always preceded by screams of ‘Allah Akbar.’ Well of course they are. I’ve never heard of any of them calling out ‘Christ is risen!’ The police were perfectly correct in voicing this ‘battle cry’ before their recent terror exercise. This perversion of a religious statement is often the first warning the public get of an impending attack and may just give them a chance to at least duck before the ensuing holocaust.

The police succumbing to the Muslim demands for an apology is another pathetic example of the fear of offending, which has become a UK malady over the past few years.

We have to start calling a spade a spade. If we don’t, we may as well cave in now and turn the whole thing over to the luvvies and PC prats;  the naïve do gooders who the militants will one day take a fiendish delight in beheading and raping in Trafalgar Square, en route to reducing Westminster to rubble.

As a final observation this week, can someone tell me why there has been a famine in the national reporting of the Calais and Kos border immigrant problems over the last few weeks? Funny that!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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    • the teddyboy

      19 May 2016 • 21:10

      Oh for sure Lee they are still coming in thick & fast on all Fronts & surging through SAFE Countries ( Law on Asylum) First safe Country you reach.. You cannot reach UK by Land without going through safe Country ?? But ofcourse we are the Best Payers of Benefits so straight through Greece, Italy, Belgium, Germany & France etc, & Try to get into UK ( I Love England ) Emblazoned on Tee Shirts… But they say we do not live in a Dictatorship.. Well someone is pulling the string of Broadcasting Medias.. to NOT cover any landings until after Exit Vote.. Hopefully Exit or Back all over Calais trying for UK.. & If no Exit then Come in Legally.. With European Passport !!!! 2 or 3 million is that all.. & Now Turkey free to visit.. & ofcourse they will all go home..
      UK is like the Titanic with One LifeBoat & Sinking Fast & Nobody answering our Distress Signals.. Oh how I wish we had a couple dozen like Enoch Powell in Parliament !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike in ESP

      20 May 2016 • 21:18

      One of the main problems is that many governments and agencies are scared of the PC brigade, that is why they settle out of court rather than fight accusations from criminals and others, they have calculated that it costs less just to give them money out of court than taking the chance of loosing if it goes to court.

      Many EU countries and institutions appear to be fearful of issues that immigration is causing so they try to keep it quiet, again this could be the fact that they are scared of being accused of being racist. I watched the stupid British woman Honeyball from the Women’s rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) Committee of the European Parliament use the same scare tactics to accuse Morvai a Racist while raising the matter of mass violence against women in Europe, unbelievable… watch it on YouTube. Search: Morvai was called “Racist” – while raising the matter of mass violence against women in Europe

      Many of the general public are scared of being called racist or discriminating against someone so they just keep their mouths shut rather than take the chance of being criticised by the little minded PC brigade who accuse ppl of being insulting, racist or discriminating, so many don’t say anything… we should not let these little people scare us. They cannot argue the point in an intelligent manner so they look for the easy way out and play the racist, insulting or discrimination cards as an easy solution, in many cases they are just sad pathetic people.

    • Kally

      20 May 2016 • 23:37

      Time to call a racist a racist, I think. If Sharia law is not in conflict with national law (be it common, case or legislation-based law) it will be allowed and, yes, there will be Sharia law experts practising as solicitors. Those aspects which do conflict with national law are not permitted. Sharia law is not implemented in any country in the world, since Muslim countries have their own, specific legal framework and only certain aspects apply in given communities. Sharia ‘law’ is not actually ‘law’ at all in the strictest sense; it DOES include case law but is largely a ‘cultural code’, and is only recognised as a form of arbitration in the UK (alternative dispute resolution) concerning finance, family, etc. It does not form part of the legal system and can only be used as a basis for arbitration, and then, only if BOTH parties agree. Murder, rape and theft are not dealt with by Sharia, but by the national legal system in a non-Muslim country. Sharia is not generally recognised in the UK but, just as anyone anywhere in the world has the right to do, if both parties agree to the Sharia system being used, it can be insofar as it does not conflict with that of the country in question. Any person has the right to choose which law they wish to apply to their case – English and Welsh law is the standard in most of the UK, but a party to the case may stipulate they wish for another legal system to apply. Got it?!

    • Kally

      20 May 2016 • 23:48

      BTW, it’s quite obvious that a non-Christian would not precede a violent attack with a cry of ‘Christ is risen’, but do you know how many verbally-violent attacks made are preceded or signed off with ‘Jesus loves you’ or ‘I’ll pray for you’????
      Discrimination is simply wrong on every level. Whilst it’s not ‘discrimination’ in the negative sense to deny a job as a proof-reader to a dyslexic person, as a firefighter to someone wheelchair-bound or in a women’s shelter to a man, any other form of insulting, degrading, bullying, or denying the same rights that everyone else enjoys to another person based upon who they basically are – skin colour, race, romantic preferences, age, height, gender, etc – is out of order and unacceptable in a modern, civilised society.
      Statistics here mention the proportion of black people involved in crime compared to whites. Maybe. Statistics also VERY clearly show that violent crime is disproportionately higher in men across the board than in women. Shall we ban men from the world??? After all, there’d be very little crime, wouldn’t there??? Don’t be silly, is the stock response. Well, then.
      One also has to question WHY crime is higher among black people. I’ve been to numerous predominantly-black countries with a very low crime rate and very nice people who respect their fellows. A lone female tourist in a short skirt can walk the streets in the dead of night in, for example, Cabo Verde. She can’t do that in Ipswich, where ‘foreigners’ are people from Bury St Edmunds.

    • Jonathan

      21 May 2016 • 22:08

      Dear Kally,
      Many thanks once again for such an informative and necessary response to Mr.Pulleyblank.

    • Kally

      22 May 2016 • 03:27

      @Mike, you can’t settle out of court for a criminal matter. A crime is considered to be an offence against the State, or rather the Crown, and not against the victim per se. Only civil matters (tort, contract, family, inheritance, etc) can be settled out

    • Jonathan

      22 May 2016 • 04:51

      What a load of old rubbish you talk Mr Pulleyblank. Every word that spews forth from your mouth further confirms the narrow minded, racist mindset that you demonstrate. Why the Chinese should have much respect for the British elite, especially the greediest welfare recipients of all time, the so called “Royal” family is beyond me. You should study some history before you mouth off such inane commentary. It was the British who invaded China. It was the British who created the opium poppy industry by forcing the Afghan people to convert their food crops into poppy growing under threat of violence, which product was used to undermine the Chinese society. And by the way we, in the west, are still running the Opium industry world wide. The proceeds are used to fund covert invasive policies. No wonder the Taliban are vilified. They actually stopped the Opium trade in the short period they were in control. Now that the Western coalition is back in Afghanistan it is business as usual.
      It is not the Chinese who are a rude jumped up lot. It is twats like yourself who consider themselves and the U.K. to be above everyone else. What hubris. What arrogance. The so called Great British Empire has a legacy of utter ruthlessness and destructive behaviour which resonates to this day, which you blindly choose to ignore.
      To answer your last question. The Presstitutes that you so slavishly cling to have moved on. Calais is old news to them. The Chinese are the latest target of shock and awe for the dumb fools that read them.

    • Roy Peters

      22 May 2016 • 09:41

      Jonathon, if you hate it here so much why don’t you move to China and be done with it! I am sure you will change your mind once you get there!
      And please, keep your insults to yourself!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stan Hill

      22 May 2016 • 12:19


      News report in the Daily Bugle.
      Reporter HS

      Date: In The Near Future

      Muhammad Bin Chowdrey the new prime minister of the recently elected Muslim majority government in Britain has just announced that Westminster Abbey is to be converted into a mosque.

      He said that all statues and remains of the disbelievers who are buried and commemorated there would be destroyed and the interior of the Abbey rebuilt.

    • Stan Hill

      22 May 2016 • 12:21

      He went on to say that Britain would be totally remodeled as a Muslim Caliphate. This is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph or a person considered a political and religious successor to the prophet Muhammad.

      “Sharia law will immediately become the law of the land” he said.

      It will become compulsory for the Koran to be taught in all schools and pupils will be required to be able to recite it by the age of 13.

      He went on to say that the bible will be banned and anyone found with one would be subject to Sharia law.

      Statues and monuments of the disbelievers are to be destroyed together with all artworks and literature.

    • Stan Hill

      22 May 2016 • 12:21

      He said that since Belgium is already a Muslim state it would now be part of the Muslim caliphate together with Britain.

      “The German elections in a few months time will certainly result in a Muslim majority government and with France, Belgium and Holland already under Muslim control it will not be long before the whole of Europe is within the Muslim caliphate. Osama Bin Laden’s prediction that Europe would fall to the Muslims without a shot being fired has now become a fact”. He said.

      This is the result of weak, politically correct, politicians and liberals of European Countries and the European Union not standing up for and protecting their own culture and civilization. They treacherously handed Europe over to alien cultures who are now setting about destroying Western Civilisation which has given so much to the world and which is coveted by almost every other race and culture.

    • Kally

      22 May 2016 • 14:13

      @Jonathan, you’re very welcome and keep them coming. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be horrified when they learn in history lessons at school that, in the early 21st century, it was still legal to publicly slander fellow humans using sweeping gene

    • Jonathan

      22 May 2016 • 15:33

      Well, excuse me! To paraphrase Mr. Pulleyblank, just telling it like it is. To suggest keeping the insults to myself,
      Why? Mr Pulleyblank regularly insults anyone who does not agree with him. As do you, yourself, on occasion.
      You also might want to get your facts straight before you open your mouth. I live in Canada. I left the UK over 40 years ago, a decision which I have never regretted. I have a personal connection to this man and am in no doubt as to his “character”.

    • Mike in Esp

      23 May 2016 • 11:47

      Again Kally you appear to go off on one rather than read what is written! I never said “settle out of court for a criminal matter” as you state! I can only thing you are referring to the following line where I said “that is why they settle out of court rather than fight accusations from criminals and others”… now it you care to read the post again hopefully you will see your mistake! 😉

    • Kally

      23 May 2016 • 21:02

      @Mike/Michael/Whoever: “That is why they settle out of court rather than fight accusations from criminals and others…” The point is, Mike ‘criminal’ matters and ‘settling out of court’ simply don’t appear in the same context. A criminal matter is tried

    • Yrret nai

      30 May 2016 • 23:34

      Ok let’s call a spade a spade.
      The Istael is a nation founded on terrorism. They are illegally occupying lands belonging to others and are in direcct contravention of a UN mandate to return these lands.
      Oh my god that,s antinsemetic
      Or is that just calling a spade a spade?

    • roy león

      31 May 2016 • 08:08

      Well if you want to bring in an invisible man, supposedly living in the sky, it changes everything.
      The Hebrew people were promised the land by God. He told Moses that his people may take the land but poor old Moses who had suffered so long in the desert doing the Lords will, was not permitted to enter,
      Later the Babylonians attacked and took over the land, but it was eventually given back to them by the Persians.
      Then the Greeks moved in, who were eventually followed by the Romans. They left in the end, as they did in Britain. But as happens after the collapse of powerful leaders, there was a void and stupid humans are still fighting over it. Eventually the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour thought that he had a good solution and handed it over to the remainder of the Jews who were anhilated by Old Adolf. Of course this action was just to get the ancient problem of the Palestinians and Israeli conflicts off the backs of the Brits, who were policing the state. My uncle Buck was such a policeman. So the question is…. How far back to we need to go in time to decide who owns this land.
      It’s like fleas on a dogs back fighting over who owns the dog. A very potted history for the sake of brevity.

    • yanto

      31 May 2016 • 09:25

      Well done Roy the point I am making is that where Israel is concerned you can not call a spade a spade without being villifiied and accused of being antisemetic.


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