“Our nation is in peril”: Blair back to save Britain from Brexit

Tony Blair

FORMER politicians have tendencies.

Those four words pretty much summarise why the planet is in the mess it is in, but in this case the tendency is towards making unrequested yet weighty pronouncements on current affairs.

Tony Blair has taken a break from playing Cupid between big business and tyrannical regimes to lecture more contemporary assassins of the nations’ reputation on how to deal with the Brexit aftermath.

Penning his thoughts (and making his real political allegiances clear) in a Daily Telegraph column, Blair warned that “our nation is in peril” following the referendum and that negotiations of “extraordinary complexity” would require “serious statesmanship”.

The former prime minister, who led his party to three consecutive general election victories and the army into a bloody foreign adventure, argued that the responsibility lay with Conservative contenders as the Labour party was “effectively disabled”.

“There is going to be a negotiation of extraordinary complexity where there are a thousand devils in every detail. Those we used to call ‘our European partners’ are, unsurprisingly, divided and uncertain themselves.”

“The psychology of the other 27 countries is crucial to feel and shape: they could decide that other secessionist movements should be deterred and so be disinclined to flexibility; or they could decide that the British view – especially on immigration – reflects something strong across Europeand have a measured response which tries to accommodate that sentiment.”

“Our nation is in peril. To allow us to come safely through this we need to be adult in our politics, to proceed with calm, maturity and without bitterness; because our future as a nation in the world and as the UK itself is at stake.”

Blair also cautioned Conservatives against a partnership with Nigel Farage, criticising his antics at the European parliament as detrimental to Britain’s reputation in the chamber, which will have to stamp its seal of approval on any future Brexit deal. 

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    • Brian Eagleson

      01 July 2016 • 12:35

      No surprises there then from Tony B Liar. However perhaps he’ll get his come uppance when the Chilcot report finally surfaces next Wednesday. Yeayy!

      Consider this though. It may come as a shock to those who voted for Brexit but the result is not legally binding under current English law! It is the sole responsibility of a British Prime Minister to decide whether or not to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. As such, in theory, a sitting PM could actually decide to ignore the result of the vote and refuse to trigger Article 50!

      Furthermore, the eminent QC Lord Pannick (apt name if ever there was one!) says without new legislation from parliament to circumvent the 1972 European Communities Act a PM can not lawfully give such a notification.

      So here’s my latest prediction – which like all the others is only a possibility of course. Theresa May, who was in the Remain camp, becomes PM in September. After talks with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar who voted to Remain – and in the light of needing to pass new legislation not to mention the petition – she decides NOT to trigger Article 50. Then, in order to avoid the inevitable public outcry she announces a second referendum, but this time WITHOUT BORIS in the driving seat. Second thoughts anyone?

      They say it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Theresa looks lean and hungry just now but she could put on some weight – especially if she becomes the next PM.

      Great article btw Matthew.

    • the UK teddy boy

      01 July 2016 • 15:53

      How can we choose a Man who stood in Parliament & lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction that could be fired & hit UK withing 20 mins. Then off he goes with his mate Bush & attacks Iraq & causes deaths of our Troops & thousands of Civilians & then it takes 10 years?? to get a report together & still unseen. We then make him Ambassador of Middle East & We all know now what state that’s in.. NOW We give him Job to sort Brexit.. Amazing I expect his Mate Mandleson will be back with him. I don’t know who is best for the Job.. But I know a proven Liar sure is NOT ( I voted out ) Now they seem to want best of 3 referendums !!!! Politics & Politicians just get worse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PetMac

      02 July 2016 • 08:27

      I think the headline would be more accurate the other way round. “Blair back to save Britain from Brexit – “Our nation is in peril”

    • Brian Eagleson

      02 July 2016 • 10:14

      What upsets me most is not just lying politicians. The way our entire world works these days seems to be based on lies. It’s like no one in charge of anything is trustworthy anymore. What’s an honest person supposed to do? How can anyone extract truth from lies? (That’s probably what’s making it so difficult for Chilcot btw.)

      Most of the media and particularly tabloid newspapers in the UK support this underlying (pun intended!) system by peddling even more falsehoods that they make up all by themselves. Why do they do that I wonder? Is it just to maximise sales and profits and nothing else? Or is there more to it than that?

      Honesty in our society now seems to be an endangered species.

      Keep up the good work Euro Weekly News! You are an oasis in a wilderness. How about launching a campaign to impeach Tony Blair next Thursday after Chilcot? I’m serious.

    • Roy Peters

      02 July 2016 • 11:26

      Well said Teddy Boy!

    • Roy Peters

      02 July 2016 • 11:26

      Not on your life PetMac. This man destroyed the entire fabric of Britain with his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ policy, and he should have been arrested for treason and locked up for the rest of his life!

    • Sean Dobson

      02 July 2016 • 16:56

      Blair,you would have been hung at Nuremberg,you and your policies and lies are not only responsible for many of the current problems in the UK but in many other countries as well and have so much blood on your hands that no amount of washing will ever get them clean,get back under your stone,where you belong.

    • Roy Peters

      02 July 2016 • 23:25

      Well said Brian!

    • Brian Eagleson

      04 July 2016 • 08:22

      Blair could be prosecuted for war crimes in Scottish courts if not in English ones! Today’s Herald newspaper in Scotland is carrying a front page article citing Alex Salmond’s view that if Tony Blair is not put on trial under English law he still could be under the completely separate Scottish legal system! Rumours are already circulating that he won’t be tried in England even though British soldiers are expected to be! One law for the rich and another for the “poor bloody infantry” of course.

      Maybe Tony’s legal advisors are already telling him to stay away from Scotland for the rest of his life in order to avoid arrest! What a shame. Just think of all that lovely Scottish scenery he’ll never see – poor soul.

    • the UK teddy boy

      04 July 2016 • 13:29

      As I said on My previous Comment on the 1st.. Now in todays UK Papers.. Mandy Joins Blair in sorting UK Exit.. He can’t move without Mandleson.. & He sacked him twice when in Gov.. & Then after short period he took him back. & Finally Gave Mandleson & his Boyfriend Plum Euro Jobs.. & Boyfriend as “Spouse” was also entitled to chauffeur Driven Car !!!!!!!!!!! Now the pair of them State MP’s do not have to abide by the referendum Vote …….. GREAT THAT MEANS THEY WILL COOK UP SOMETHING BETWEEN THEM !!!! BLAIR & MANDLESON THE DODGY DOUBLE ACT !!!

    • Brian Eagleson

      04 July 2016 • 15:54

      I hope there aren’t any undertones of homophobia creeping in there “the UK teddy boy” with your references to “Mandleson & his boyfriend” and “Boyfriend as ‘spouse’…” etc.

      Mandleson being openly gay is completely irrelevant. Obviously, Blair is not gay and his sexuality is no more relevant than Mandleson’s! What is relevant though is Mandleson’s former job as a European Commissioner and his subsequent bias in favour of the EU.

      Where I agree with you is I wouldn’t trust either of them. I bought Mandleson’s book “The Third Man” when it “came out” 😉 and it bored me to tears! It was all about Mandleson himself and it shed no light whatsoever on Blair’s true nature.

      We can only hope that some sort of truth about Blair’s deadly adventures in Iraq will emerge on Wednesday and he will be prosecuted either in England or Scotland.

      It’s a simple fact btw that the Brexit vote is not legally binding on its own. It’s not something Blair and Mandelson cooked up.  It also seems a dead cert that a new act of parliament has to be passed before a UK PM can invoke Article 50. We’ve all got to abide by the law – or face the consequences. That includes Prime Ministers.

    • the UK teddy boy

      04 July 2016 • 19:19

      Homo what ?? Don’t even know what word means.. Just said what I knew if he had been Wife getting chauffeur driven car as well as him & all perks including Pay I would have said.wife !!!! So don’t read anything into that.. It is just the way he always turns up that annoys me. 6 years nothing but make large sums. Up pops Blair followed immediately by Mandleson
      Nothing to do with Brexit.. But did his Book say how when he was no longer Northern Ireland secretary.. He Got a £170,000 Bomb Proof work done on his Personal Flat paid by Tax Payer & double its value when sold….
      Yet when Mo Mowlem left same Post Blair took Police escort away immediately.. & She had no work Done on her place !!!
      So no I don’t care what he is, who is is with.. But I care that those 2 are Back !!!!!


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