Europe: the thin end of the wedge

LIAM FOX: Drumming up business. - DAD’S ARMY: Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring.

THERE can be little doubt that the major factor which led Britain to vote to leave the European Union was the widespread fear of uncontrolled immigration, tinged with a little xenophobia with regards to external control by ‘Johnny foreigner.’

What should have been a friendly and cooperative community of like-minded Europeans who had survived two world wars has turned into a monster. Some still believe in pure federalism while others are pushing the concept of a federal army rather than looking to support NATO.

Eastern European countries fluttered like moths around the EU flame. Together with Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, they were desperate to grab as much money in the way of hand-outs as they could from those economies which were better off.

Germany effectively opened the floodgates by inviting refugees and migrants to make their way into Europe and this has led even die-hard supporters of the community, such as France, considering whether they should follow Britain’s lead.

The concept of Schengen (control-free borders), which Britain never joined, has flown out of the window as more and more of the new members simply close themselves off to refugees whilst Italy and Greece have borne the brunt of new arrivals.

There are a lot of sound bites coming from the British government but little concrete information. The prime minister says “Brexit is Brexit” and we won’t move too quickly whilst the minister in charge of the Brexit negotiations told parliament that the vote showed that the British wanted to control their own destiny, which was something of a given!

At least Liam Fox, the Minister in charge of ‘Making Britain Great Again,’ has made it clear there is no hope as he says industry has fallen to pieces and has grown ‘fat and lazy,’ making the nation incapable of securing lucrative post-Brexit trade deals.

Just to add insult to injury, it looks as if the EU is considering new legislation that may force British nationals to have to pay online for visas if they wish to travel to the continent when the country leaves the EU.

Whether Britain will be forced to comply with the proposed regime hinges on how the Brexit negotiations pan out, whenever they finally take place.

Maybe, we need to ask the Swiss for advice as they have a fairly good economy with 130 separate trade agreements with the EU and they have recently voted to make it more difficult for EU passport holders to work in that country. They decided not to join the EU generations ago and didn’t have to finalise everything within two years.

All in all, it’s a bit of mess and it doesn’t really look as if anyone knows what to do. As one wag put it, “Only Britain could colonise half of the world and then leave the EU because it doesn’t like immigrants!”

Or perhaps in the words of the writers of Dad’s Army it’s either ‘Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring’ or ‘We’re all doomed!’


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    • Brian Eagleson

      16 September 2016 • 12:13

      So 27 heads of state meet today to plan Europe’s next moves and we Brits are excluded. That’s nice. Welcome to the future. Except it’s here already. It’s what the majority of Brits voted for after all. It had to happen. But do you really like it?

      It’s not nice to be ignored by people. Yet, that’s exactly what Britain’s future is from here on. Being ignored.

      27 countries will now make the decisions on everything that matters in Europe and Britain’s voice will not be noticed. It is reduced to standing outside shouting while the real decision making goes on inside.

      This is progress?

      If you have a British passport and live in an EU country like Spain you will soon have no influence at all in the future of your country of residence, or indeed any EU country. If you have lived here for more than 15 years you have no influence over the future of your native country either. Prepare to be dictated to.

      Did Britain actually vote to quit Democracy and accept Dictatorship?

      Oh well, at least we can still vote for our local Ayuntamiento for the time being – until we finally cease to be EU citizens and become aliens in our own communities.

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      16 September 2016 • 14:55

      @ Brian
      I voted for Exit .. So I would not expect to remain discussing Europe. Let them get on with it. As long as they have no say in UK & no say in immigration.. That is sinking UK.. Nothing Racist .. I don’t care where they come from.. If Million

    • Brian Eagleson

      16 September 2016 • 18:46

      Hi The UK TeddyBoy. My wife and I moved to Spain for the sake of her health. She had an accident a few years ago which left her in a wheelchair and with a chronic pain condition. I’ve mentioned this a long time ago here but you probably haven’t seen it.

      The “choice” you refer to was between her living in constant pain or living with considerably less pain. We realised after many visits to Spain that the warmer, drier climate here helped ease her condition. Moving here permanently was, as they say, a no-brainer.

      I’m genuinely happy for you, UK TeddyBoy, that you got what you wanted while you live in the UK. People like us who live in Spain though are facing, Monty Python-like, something completely different. It is a simple fact that, post Brexit, we will all lose our Democratic rights and be unable to vote for anything, anywhere.

      Think of it like pre-Victorian times when only Lords could vote (not Ladies of course.) Then ordinary men could vote (not women of course.) Then women could vote too. Yeayy! Finally  every adult got the right to vote. Well, soon all the the Brits in Spain and other EU countries will not be allowed to vote for anything! It’s a complete reversal of centuries of progress.

      That’s why I want to continue to write about the Brexit fallout – just like those other campaigners of old who fought hard to give us the vote – the vote we British in Spain soon won’t have anymore.

    • The UK TeddyBoy

      17 September 2016 • 15:08

      Hi Brian :: No obviously had not seen about your Wife or would not have said you choose.. She is not the only one I know there are many who go to warmer climates especially for Winters. Due to some form of illness & that is good they Can.. Like Yourself & Wife..
      Unfortunately does not appear that Spain like UK have PC Brigade that look after immigrants better than there own Citizens..
      So in case of anyone who goes to another country they should abide by their rules..
      So I think that not being able to vote in Spain is Very Minor punishment to that.. & Fact that Wife has better life Just for loss of Voting. Is Fair exchange.. I have never voted before & never wanted too.. What’s the point they are all out for themselves & all the same !!! So no point in voting.. That is why Brexit had such large turn out.. As Vote could do something.. & hopefully stop us getting Flooded with people who are not true Asylum Seekers. As to fleeing wars.. What if UK citizens had all fled to neutral Country’s during WWII 😕 People in UK are crying out for Cheap Housing & My Own town Local Born are told 15years or no chance to get House.. But Government have “Suddenly”” Just Found 25,000 houses. But we cannot continue like it & unfair to UK Citizens. Me Voting or Giving You the Vote wont change it Brian.. .. I only come on usually to Check My Mate Leapy’s Column but saw this article ..& remarked


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