Brexpats in Benalmadena


BENALMADENA mayor Victor Navas made it clear that he supports the cause of the more than 10,000 British residents of the Costa del Sol town who are concerned about the impact leaving the EU may have on their pensions and social security.

Addressing the Brexpats at a meeting in the Casa Cultura Navas he stressed the need for people to register on the padron in order to be able to benefit fully from local administrative support. 

The discussion was also attended by council woman Ana Scherman and there were more than 100 British guests in attendance.

Brexpats in Spain is dedicated to finding out real answers as to what Brexit will mean for expats living in Spain and the group has welcomed thousands of new members in only a few months.

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    • Mike in ESP

      08 October 2016 • 19:47

      Brexpats in Spain will not get their answers from Benalmadena town hall or its mayor, at least not until everyone else knows about them as that is when he will find them out, but I guess it is worth his getting involved to get more residents on the padron as then the council will get more funds from central government, a good enough reason to show some interest I guess… which is good, and I do mean that! But I really don’t see any advantage from the town hall to be involved in this other than for that reason… the people who are negotiating Brexit don’t know what will be negotiated so the Benalmadena mayor certainly doesn’t either, nor will he or his interest on bringing in more padron funds help the negotiation on Brexit… just so those of you that don’t know, now do 🙂

      But it is definitely in your interest to register on the padron of you local town hall, they get more funds for their coffers per head registered and you will probably find you will get a discount of your “non commercial” property rates by registering!

    • Ian

      09 October 2016 • 09:13

      I do keep asking , including in these pages, where in the Lisbon Treaty is the word ‘negotiations’. There do not seem to be any included in this treaty. it does of course require the other 27 member nations to agree (ha ha -ha- ha -ha) on the terms and conditions of the leaving member nations’ departure. Which I guess will go to parliament, whilst I also guess in the 2019 euro elections, there will not one in the UK – bye bye UKIP.
      If one wanted to cause eurpoean chaos, what better way to do it than to call a referendum

    • Mike in ESP

      09 October 2016 • 10:41

      Hummm…. Only place I know “negotiations” is used is in Article 50 i2
      but I really don’t know what your point is with your statement!

      Bye bye UKIP! you might be right but actually I am of the thinking that there is a chance that UKIP will actually grow, maybe not under the badge of UKIP “maybe it will be” but I think it will rebrand or certain members become the building blocks of another party. 😉

      I think the EU and many of its despot leaders and/or self elected despot leaders had already caused the European crisis, in fact a few of them, one is the Euro and the other is the immigrant and economic migrant invasion “you didn’t know!”, the referendum is nothing to do with them but it does give the UK the opportunity to get away from the union its confused rulers have created, away from the self destructive direction they seem to persist and blindly move in and out into the big world 🙂

      Strange how people look at things differently depending on their needs!

    • Sue mourino

      09 October 2016 • 16:10

      I wish that I had known about this meeting as I would have attended

    • Jim Carter

      08 November 2016 • 14:09

      I was an expat for 9 years, including 7 in Benelux. I started a Parliamentary Petition No. 166833 “Preserve all existing rights of UK citizens to Freedom of Movement in the EU”, but I urgently need help to publicise it on Facebook & Twitter.

      Get all your family & friends/contacts to sign and promote the Petitions: #166833 above at link, #133540 “Let Parliament decide whether or not we remain a member of the European Union” at link, #135700 “Keep the Free Movement of People Between the UK and the EU” at link, and others SPECIFIC TO EXPATS like #161997 “On BREXIT British expatriates should retain their healthcare within the EU” at link, and #161717 “Maintain Pension increases for British pensioners living in the EU.” at link

      We Lost the Vote, but we can still Win the Terms !
      ! Buena suerte, amigos ! Jim

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