Changing society

IDEALS: Not for everyone.

I TRULY am heartily sick and tired of being made to feel guilty for being in the majority. It is no fault of mine that I am a heterosexual male, perfectly at ease with my gender.

Frankly I don’t care how anyone else chooses to lead their existence. I don’t care if men want to dress in frocks, Botox their bums, walk around in six-inch heels with light bulbs up their noses or use ladies toilets. Personally I couldn’t care less. Do anything you like. Live however you want.

Just stop trying to convince me that living this type of existence is the ‘norm!’  By constantly trying to shove these gender bender ideals down everyone’s throats and endeavouring to convince us it’s all terribly normal, is inferring that those of us (the majority!) who lead rather more mundane and heterosexual existences – are actually abnormal.

And frankly that offends me.  Did it ever dawn on all of the gender benders that are hell bent on ‘changing society,’ that the reason we are described as the ‘silent majority’ is because we are perfectly happy with our lot. It’s only those who are utterly insecure with their chosen paths that feel the need to make the most noise and create all the furore. 

What is not realised is that by making a completely over the top spectacle of themselves and thrusting their beliefs onto society through demonstrations and outrageous actions, they are actually alienating themselves from many who may otherwise be more sympathetic to their cause.

So do us all and yourselves a favour. Tone it down a bit. Enjoy and try to be comfortable in your bodies. Show the majority a little respect. Please don’t try to force us to accept outrageous and utterly over the top behaviour as the ‘norm.’

Most of us are perfectly happy the way we are. We would also like to keep the whole controversial issue out of our innocent classrooms – if you get my drift! Oh, and by the way, before those who disagree with my views start writing in accusing me of being homophobic, please make sure you have interpreted my piece correctly. Personally I’ve always loved a bit of drag, just don’t want it shoved down my throat, that’s all.

At the time of writing I have no idea how the circumstances of tragic teenager Nora Quoirin will turn out; but quite frankly, if the Malaysian authorities expect us to believe that a 15-year-old girl with severe special needs, is able to trek shoeless, through one and a half miles of thick jungle, and be discovered 10 days later completely naked and displaying just a few leg bruises – had actually managed it under her own steam, they must have taken leave of their senses.

We all understand you have to protect your tourist industry, but credit us all with a little intelligence and get to work finding those who actually did commit this heinous and horrific abduction.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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