Piers Morgan Bigs Up Pay Rise After Losing Poll!

Credit Twitter

As of Today, almost half a million votes have been received, and 60% of voters voted Piers Morgan to be fired from his presenting role on Good Morning Britain.

Morgan accused “snowflake websites and Twitter handles” of “hijacking” the poll.

But Piers being Piers, was still victorious in defeat, boasting on today’s GMB that the results would actually lead to him getting a pay rise.

Piers grinned as he said “Here’s the thing, I think they genuinely think they’re going to get rid of me and that’s what makes this all the funnier. You’re not going to get rid of me, it’s not how it works. They think that by making me trend worldwide for two days and making me the most talked about breakfast presenter in the world that is the way to get rid of me.Let me tell you what you’ve done. You have helped me get a pay rise. So cheers! Cheers everybody.”

The Good Morning Britain poll was created in reaction to a Change.org campaign to have Morgan fired from presenting on the show Good Morning Britain , for what was claimed to be his “dehumanising of transgenders”

Ironically it caused another poll to be created, for Piers to stay citing “ his common sense approach to life”, which overtook the original campaign at a rapid pace, much to the delight of Morgan.

The final result though was a boastful Piers looking forward to a pay rise!