4.5 Measured Earth Quake near Olvera in Sevilla

Around 11.35 this morning an earthquake was recorded near Olvera in Sevilla Province.

Although it was a minor earthquake, the rumble could be felt as far as Benalmadena.

Christine Stranne posted on social media “Am I the only one who just felt the earth moving? My table moved and so did a water bottle on another table”

Christine was posting from Benalmadena.

Late riser Marg Cunliffe posted ” No your not I was sat in bed drinking a coffee and the bed started to shake”

The earth quake measured 4.5 on the Richter scale and it’s epicentre was near Olvera in Sevilla province.

Whilst many far and wide reported they felt the rumble quip of the day had to go to one poster who posted to Marg ” Keep him, he sounds a goodun!”


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