BBC under fire for CBeebies programme implying Gibraltar is part of Spain

CBeebies row over depicting Gibralter as part of Spain

A charity has criticised the BBC for  failing to make a distinction between Spain and Gibraltar in a CBeebies programme.

In an episode of Cbeebies’ Go Jetters, broadcast in July, a group of explorers learn about the migration of birds from Europe to Africa.

A voiceover says the animation characters are heading for the Strait of Gibraltar, which borders both Spain and Gibraltar, to watch a flock of storks take to the skies.

Later in the programme the character Lars says they are flying from “Spain to Africa”, thus not distinguishing between Spain and Gibraltar and appearing to teach children that Gibraltar is part of Spain.

Friends of the British Overseas Territories, which promotes their culture and history, has criticised the BBC for “failing to educate” the next generation.

Ben Brickley, a spokesman for the charity, said: “We are disappointed to hear that the BBC, which is a public service British broadcaster, has failed to identify the Rock as an integral part of our British family.

“The BBC has let its guard down and failed in educating the next generation about our far flung, diverse and fascinating Overseas Territories.”

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